Tuesday, June 30, 2009

SMS Diary giveaway - 10 free licenses up for grabs this month

We'll be giving 10 free licenses for SMS Diary in July to the 10 most valuable contributers and promoters of this blog. You may be a twiterer or a face-booker or you may love to write reviews on aspects of the Nokia E63 etc. If it's a review, email your contributions to mye63blog@gmail.com. You might contribute one review and win. It may be that your twitter reach is longer than most. We will feature some of your contributions in the coming month as "guest" blog entries, so keep an eye out and tell your friends. Just make sure we have some way of contacting you (eg follow My_E72 on twitter so we can DM you if you win).

MyE63 is here to help everyone get the most out of our Nokia E63s. Right now, people are wasting their time with working out things about the Nokia E63 that you have already solved yourself :) To warm yourself up, maybe leave a comment here about who you are, where you are from and what you do. Good luck! May the M.V.E63 win.

You have until 31 July 2009.


  1. Hey man,
    Just wondering if you have had the problem with emails, of the service disconnecting and connecting when it wants too, im not always recieving my emails when they are sent, sometimes they arrive later because its "disconnected"

    Do you have this problem?

    If you culd email me on simon_lockwood@hotmail.com it would be a massive help


  2. Sorry I dont have any idea how to help with that.. perhaps switch it on automatic retrieval?

  3. Hi. Great information here. Thanks for taking the time to have this great information here.
    in my sms's, emoticons dont animate, they just remain as ":)". is there any way to have the smiles turn up as emoticons in the e63?

  4. hey thanks Jason. No way of animating the emoticons unless u win SMS Diary which does that automatically :)

  5. http://forums.whirlpool.net.au/forum-replies.cfm?t=1225059&p=-1#bottom

    thgought I would bring another E63 user or 2 onboard. :p

  6. can anyone tell me how to the old style emoticons (smiley faces) on my phone?


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