Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Must have Applications for the Nokia E63 - do you know one?

Since this was posted at a time when the blog just started, I've reposted it today so that you can all contribute your ideas for your favourite apps for Nokia E63. What are the ones you use the most and why is it better than its competitors? Please mention if its free or paid.

I've mentioned in the earlier post that I installed Google Maps, Gmail, Nokia Maps as must-have applications for the Nokia E63. Ovi Maps is also currently under consideration and Nokia Sports Tracker is definitely being considered. Many of you have already looked around at applications for the Nokia E63. What have you found to be must have applications? To help you along the way, what applications do you use for:

  • Communicating via SMS or screening calls
  • Personal development (Bibles, fitness trackers, online books)
  • Word processing (Quick office is hard to beat)
  • FTP or mobile transferring of files
  • Bluetooth fun and crazy things to do
  • Using GPS connectivity (E63 needs an adapter to get GPS)

If you have developed software worthwhile for Nokia users to consider, let me know or send a NFR license to and we will review it here. If you know of an app worth installing, leave a comment.


  1. Gday, I just got this phone couple of days ago. Still trying to get used to it. I don't have the X-series pack. Is there a way to download applications to your computer then upload them to your phone via bluetooth? And where do you go to download applications?


  2. There are some applications here

    You can just download an applciation to your computer and if your phone is already connected to your computer via cable or bluetooth, you can double-click the application. It will then ask you whether you would like to install the application on your phone. That way, you don't need to use up X-series data download.

    Hope that helps.

  3. You can also use WiFi to download it! If you don't have Wireless at home just go to the nearest McDonalds! Also Opera Mini + Free WiFi is the coolest thing! Its damn useful!

    (Just got my E63 today loyalty upgrade from Three Aus, im still excited, i wanted one ever since i saw my aunts E71!)

  4. New firmware update for Nokia E63: 200.21.012 !!! Just happened to reformat my phone and found it! Is there any way to get a changelog for the same?

  5. Do you keep all your new downloaded programs under "Installation"?

    Is there a new firmware?
    How do you download it and after installing will it wipe all contacts and other programs on phone?

  6. Downloaded programs end up in APPLICATIONS. Yeah would like to know how you found 200.21.012 is available for E63.

  7. Favourite, must have apps so far:
    Projekt - outliner. I have my entire life organised in this thing... todo lists within todo lists.

    Quickoffice. I use the spreadsheet to track work hours, health & exercise data and track my budget.

    These two apps have made my phone the PDA I wanted it to be, much more so than the silly calendaring features which I also use, but only begrudgingly.

    I would also add Sports Tracker, but I can't tell at this stage whether it's horribly buggy, or my GPS dongle is flakey. I'm starting to think it may be the GPS dongle. When Sports Tracker actually works for me it's fantastic, but I have so many dramas with it, it takes the fun out.

  8. I still can't get wi-fi to work in my E63. :(

  9. People people, its a smart phone u have. that Gmail app is good but sooo java, u can actually configure your email settings to have your mails pushed to your phone in real time, also send attachments and retrieve attachments. And for some must get apps:
    - youtube mobile application for SYMBIAN (really cool way to tube and fast) can download this at
    - Skyfire mobile browser (stream anything from any site, do anything like u would on your pc browser) direct download at
    - Nokia photo browser (very cool way to browse photos on your e63, way faster than the built in media viewer, rotate, zoom your fotos with stunning 3d effects. Also has face detection and is a must get!). Can be downloaded @
    - Slick messenger (messenger for google talk, Hotmail, yahoo, aim, icq and more to come. Is very powerful, fast file transfer, copy and open links, even copy text, message history, do anything u would normally do on your messenger on your pc (except view webcam) get this app at
    So those are just a few of the apps and all are free. I still got more to share though.... Enjoy!

  10. still more to share? where are they?

  11. The best, garmin mobile xt. With a LD-3W nokia bluetooth gps. Wonderful. With Digital Romania map 2008, I can even see wierd species of trees through Bucharest. Somebody had a lot of time to spare.
    Next, with the help of a bluetooth fm modulator, E63 becomes a great mp3 car player.
    Quickoffice is really good, yes. Both, as you mentioned earlier, for organizing finance in the spreadsheets, but also to organize things in tables in word (they resize after what you type in them).
    That's about it, I guess. There was a neat product for Windows Mobile a few years ago, Ephemeris, but I see it's not available for Symbian.
    Made the update to 400.12, battery lasts longer and alarm function updated.
    I'm still looking for an Orthodox Bible in Romanian, none found yet...

  12. Just after some advice : I have downloaded projekt, but I am getting jibberish on the screen after the download has completed. Does anyone know why this is?

  13. Anyone know any good Reading or E-Book Apps? I have wattpad but havn't found anything to compare it to.

  14. can i use my nokia e63 and 5800 as webcams??

  15. Yes mounika u can use nokia e63 as webcam.
    All u need to do is to get mobiola webcam software from somewhere. Google it.

    Then install PC Suite.

    Rest is easy and u can do on your own. Just take care of the connection types ie USB/bluetooth should be same on computer and E63.

    Hope it helps.

    *** A Scientist is an artist with the art of science ***

  16. the best place to get free apps is http:\\

  17. hi im afraid that if i download applications of just any site they're either going to bring viruses to my computer or phone.
    any ideas??

  18. hi guys
    whenever i try to connect to my internet at home i get a "no gateway reply"
    what does this mean and how do i fix it?

  19. Does anyone know a working software which has facility of search,select and downloading of youtube video to Nokia E63? p.s I said working software that means "a software which is conformed to work on Nokia E63" as I have already done quite lot of search download and delet non compatible junk softwares claiming to be compatible to Nokia E63. The closest to my desired software was "Celltube" but after searching youtube viedo then selcting the formate to be downloaded and entering to download it always displayed"Web:page not found"

  20. For free e-books I use:; Also E-buddy is by far the best IM program. I still need to find a good picture program, because let's face it, it sucks that you can't just use the navigation key to go back and forth through pictures. I hate having to exit to be able to open the next pic. For the NO GATEWAY REPLY, what I did was a I opened the connection and entered all the specific data, like dns and all that stuff. Every now and then it acts up and I just re do it. I don't have my phone on me right now, but I will come back and tell you in detail how to resolve the gateway thing.

  21. Hi,
    I am trying to configure gmail for my e63.
    its not happening.
    can any1 tell me how to.
    also, will it act as push mail.

    thanks in advance

  22. hi how do I connect my E63 to my laptop without a cable? I know you can use blue tooth but I can't find out how to link them or if my laptop even has blue tooth! help would be much appreciated!

  23. is there any dedicated facebook application for nokia e63? i really hate browsing fb using a browser..

  24. how to use mobiola web cam

  25. E63 SUCKS !!!..

  26. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
    Anonymous April 5, 2011 8:33 AM SUCKS!!!..

  27. which is the best site to download Nokia E63 apps and more?
    plz reply thanks.
    (Faisal Rehman)

  28. somebody help me to know about about what is the best sites for app

  29. hello frds i m using yahoo messenger on my mobile e 63 can i see my yahoo frds webcam on my mobile screen, which software i can use for it. plz suggest

  30. hey guys pls get me an idea to use free wifi catcher in e63 ...

  31. I got a used E63 as gift, but the camera does not work how do i activate the function (e63 user-srilanka)


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