Sunday, October 16, 2011

How to get Google Calendar on N9 cranking

This Harmattan build supports multiple Mail for Exchange and multiple CalDAV accounts. For Google Calendar:
  • Go to Accounts > Add accounts > CalDAV
  • Username should be your full Google Calendar username (e.g. and password.
  • The URL is:
    • For your primary calendar:
    • For other calendars:
    • For some users, the primary calendar will only work with, supposing your e-mail is
The uuid can be found on the calendar settings page within Google Calendar, and is a long string of characters & numbers.
The trailing slashes are crucial for Google.
  • The primary calendar claimed to sync, but no events showed up. So I deleted the CalDAV entry for my primary calendar and set up Mail for Exchange:
    • Username is your full Google Calendar username and password
    • Server:
  • I synced my primary calendar using the syntax of the second URL (with my Google login email instead of uuid@google) and it worked great. YMMV.
  • Note: for me the sync button only worked once you go back out after creating the entry, and then back into it again.

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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Nokia N9 tips and tricks

The Nokia N9 is here and we've just started another Tips and Tricks blog for it. Packed with a new Meego operating system and a fresh user interface, this phone is about to make heads turn and usher the way in to a new generation of Nokia phones (ironically, this is probably the last of the Meego devices though). There are initial thoughts on the N9, tips about connecting your N9 to PC, pros and cons of Nokia Maps on N9 and more about unlocking your N9 potential. Check it out here!

The new Nokia N9

Photo taken by the Nokia N9 in Perth, Australia
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Monday, October 3, 2011

Why people keep stopping by

We've had this blog up for over two years and have received hundreds of thousands of hits because this is one of the best places you will find Nokia E63 tips on the internet. It is not the most glamorous phone Nokia has created but people all fall in love with the simplicity and reliability of the phone. We dared to compare the Nokia E63 with its older brother the Nokia E71 here, checked out its battery life and examined how to use predictive text to speed up sms and email messaging. We played with a GPS bluetooth receiver with the E63 to make it GPS compatible and got to know some of our blog visitors here.

We watched the price of the E63 drop and cracked the E63 screen only months after getting the phone. All this happened in 2009 and by December that year, there was talk of the next big thing, the Nokia E72. We'll talk about our 2010 posts later and whilst they may be old, many of the posts are still very much useful for those still hanging on to their E63. Hey in some countries, you may have only JUST purchased a brand new E63 and wanted to find out how to unlock it from your provider!

Wrong phone? Follow the Nokia E72 blog

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