Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Problems solved with Nokia E63 and Nokia Maps Updater

I am not sure what happened. There was a time when Nokia Maps was working fine for me. Somewhere along the line, I was no longer seeing the Australian map so I decided to upgrade my Nokia Maps.

Deleting Nokia Maps did not work and I found out that this is not possible as it is part of the E63 firmware so I installed the newer version over it... or at least tried to. I got the following error message.. have you seen this before?

It said "Cannot get enough information about the phone [3]. Unspecified error (1). I am hoping someone in the Nokia community can help with this. I cannot update my Nokia Maps and I can't install new maps on to my phone.. any ideas?

Edit: Tried taking advice from a Nokia Forum and it suggested that I install Nokia Maps 3.01(32) from here It also installed License Manager.  It worked but still updating maps is a problem. 

Some recent posts on the Nokia forums has suggested that there is a server error that is causing this. 


An update to the Nokia Maps Updater issue - We are still investigating. Unfortunately it is a bigger issue than (I) first thought.

R&D are looking in to this and i will update when i have more info.


Now more recently on the 26th April: 

We have identified a defect that was preventing users from updating their Maps application with Nokia Maps Updater [NMU] or with Nokia Ovi Suite [NOS].
While this defect is being fixed, upgrading using either NMU or NOS have been disabled.

As soon as we have resolved this defect we shall allow NMU and NOS to upgrade the Maps application once again.

I will look to update this (and other) threads when i have more news on this.

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Do you have a Nokia E63 Fading Screen?

Back in March, we received an email from Inta who experienced some problems with her phone's display. For some reason, parts of the words on the top right corner of the screen were fading. Here is her original email and some of the pics she sent. She would like to know whether you have the same problem?

Firstly, I'd like to say how great your blog is - very useful info. I have just purchsed an e63 and have noticed that some of the letters of titles on the display are faded at the end. I was wondering whether anyone else has experienced this problem and what they did about it. Is it possible to put up a blog about this?

Later we emailled her about going to the Nokia Care centre and she replied with the following:

Thanks for your reply. I actually did go to the Nokia Care Centre and they examined it, reformatted it,etc. When I got it back they said there was no fault with the display - it just fades out the last few letters because of a space thing. He showed me another e63 they had on the premises and it did the same thing. It seems strange to me that this happens and I was just curious if anyone else had seen this on their phone.

My phone has the same problem so I was thinking maybe it's normal? If you can help Inta with this, or you have also got this problem, please leave a comment below.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Guest post - Part 2 Ovi Maps and Navigation

We now go back to KJ's review of the Nokia E72 as he looks as Ovi Maps and the recently announced free navigation

Ovi Maps on the Nokia E72 

Last but not least, the Ovi Map and turn-by-turn navigation. I have three points, first, the Voice Navigation interface - I am amazed how the details and thoughtfulness the developer that has created into the Map navigation function. The way it navigates, I can hear “keep left immediately”, “turn slightly right” and etc gives a very subtle personal touch and I think it is very useful if you are new to a place.

Then the Routing.. Being a local, There is a perception about how we will be heading and if we are not lead that way, we will feel weird and annoyed. However, to be fair Ovi has a couple options you can set to get better navigation result such as choosing shorter, faster or optimized route. You can also opt out certain routes based on your preference like avoiding tolls, or unpaved routes and even factoring in traffic information. I think one needs to play around to get a setting that meets individual needs and context in different countries. So I thought a wizard of Getting Started for new user could help a lot to get better experience and expectation to use the product

And thirdly, map accuracy and updateness which I think is the place where most improvement is required. Even though I think it is very difficult, but without an accurate map all will not work. I have seen buildings that has torn down 1-2 years ago and the new one is not available. Traffic information is somewhat out, that made me start to ignore what is recommended after using for a while. (note: I read somewhere the map is updated every six month, I feel it is way to long).

My overall experience of using the phone is good. I enjoyed the responsiveness of the phone and most of the functions are also applicable my daily use.

As per this post, I will like to share a video clip but I really cannot get a good one due to my video taking skill. It basically navigate to a mall that is near my place. And what I would like to show is the nice navigation voice interface.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Got your FREE QuickOffice 6.2.217 Upgrade?

This was something I posted about almost a year ago but many of you would have missed it (as well as many other nuggets of useful tips if you are just reading the front page of this site). It was the tip that you can get a free upgrade of the QuickOffice suite on your Nokia phone thanks to the great people @ Nokia.

So, if you have:
  • Not upgraded yet; or
  • Like me, upgraded before but installed a new firmware and forgot to reinstall the newest QuickOffice. 
then follow this link back to June 2009 and learn more about your free upgrade to QuickOffice 6.2.217 (latest).

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Guest post - E72 review part 1

As you may know, recently we gave away free trials of the Nokia E72 and today we have KJ from Singapore giving his thoughts on the Nokia E72.

I have finally got my hand on the Nokia latest e-series flagship business phone – e72.   This is the first time i have tried a qwerty phone, thanks to MyE63 and There are already many really good and professional reviews on E72 so I will give my personal impressions and user experiences using the phone.
There are two aspects that I thought I'll touch on. Firstly my overall experience here and there of using phone and secondly also the primary objective of this trial, using the OVI map navigation.
The physical outlook has no surprise to me as I have seen many qwerty phone and friends E71.  However, once I used it. I just thought one really need to have a full keyboard phone if you like to have sense of doing serious typing! (By now...we all know Nokia is coming out with more qwerty keyboard 8-) )
In general, as a business phone, it is well qualified to be one and it has everything a business phones supposed to have. However, from the form factor of the phone has given people to have much higher expectation to what it can deliver.
What I am really looking into is the navi pad, one of the major improvement. Yes, it has done what it says. but I just thought it needs more to make it actually usefuI in particular during browsing.   I find it is duplicate of what the for direction stepping key is doing surrounding the pad.  If the resolution can be larger like what opera mini's fast scroll key is doing to complement the navi key will make the navi pad much better experience to use.
As for the PIM integration, I think it is pretty much well done and integrated between calendar, messaging, contact, multiscanner, etc. Except two of the functions and I always seek for is still missing,  one is that to create a calendar entry from messaging, also the other to create a calendar entry fast right from the homescreen.
Next post, KJ will look at the OVI Maps Navigation on E72 as well as upload a video of the navigation in action. 

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Nokia Everyone Connect with Nokia E5

Nokia has just announced a new product under the theme "Everyone Connect". The website came alive just under an hour ago showcasing the new social media enhanced Nokia handsets: Nokia C3, E5 and C6. Since we mainly look at the Nokia E series, let's have a quick look at the Nokia E5.

In what looks like the Nokia E72 rebadged, the E5 makes social media easier to access on your mobile phone with one touch access  to facebook, twitter, ovi etc. Bringing in a 5MP camera and free voice navigation access, Nokia hopes to introduce what is effectively the Nokia E72 to a younger audience that breathes through social media. It's hard to say much more about it as we have not seen the real thing so until then, you can see the data sheet for the Nokia E5 here

The main details are:

–Messaging made easy and enjoyable –
• Easy email and Instant Messaging set-up
• 1 click access to SMS, MMS, email, IM
• Full QWERTY keyboard for easy typing
• Support for multiple popular email accounts like Yahoo!® Mail, Gmail™, Windows Live™ Hotmail, Ovi Mail, and Microsoft Exchange and IBM Lotus NotesTraveler business emails

–Stay always connected in your preferred way –
• Free global drive and walk navigation with Ovi Maps
• Most important contacts with images on theHome Screen
• Facebook updates directly on Phonebook
• Support for popular Instant Messaging services like Yahoo!® Messenger, Google Talk™, Windows Live™ Messenger, Ovi Chat

–Explore and Share via fast internet connection–
• Fast Internet access (HSDPA/HSUPA and WLAN) to access your favorite websites
• 5 mp full focus camera with LED flash
• Share pictures in Ovi Share and Flickr
• Ovi store to find new content

–Business grade security and device management–
• Device lock
• Remote locking with SMS
• Device and Memory card encryption
• Mobile VPN client
• OMA DM client for lock & wipe, password enforcement

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Free GPS Navigation for Nokia E71 and E66 users

In an eagerly anticipated announcement, Nokia has just announced that users of the Nokia E71 and the Nokia E66 will now get free voice navigation on Ovi Nokia Maps! Two and a half months ago, Nokia surprised the world by announcing that they were going to make their $300 / year subscription navigation service FREE for the Nokia E72 and similar phones (read more about it here). Nokia promised that the feature will also be made free for some older phones and now the time has come. The Nokia E71 is the most popular E series phone and many Nokia E63 users have upgraded to the E71 because of the GPS feature (but you can make your E63 or E65 run GPS mode with an adaptor like this one). So if you have a Nokia E71 or a Nokia E66, your time has come. Head over to this page to download your new Nokia Maps with free voice navigation.

If you want to read our review on Nokia Ovi Maps free navigation, check it out here or find out the
5 things you probably didn't know about Ovi Maps!

Free voice navigation is also available on the following devices 

  • Nokia N97 mini
  • Nokia 5800 XpressMusic
  • Nokia 5800 Navigation Edition
  • Nokia E52
  • Nokia E55
  • Nokia E72
  • Nokia 5230
  • Nokia 6710 Navigator
  • Nokia 6730 classic
  • Nokia X6

Wrong phone? Follow the Nokia E72 blog

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