Monday, April 19, 2010

Guest post - Part 2 Ovi Maps and Navigation

We now go back to KJ's review of the Nokia E72 as he looks as Ovi Maps and the recently announced free navigation

Ovi Maps on the Nokia E72 

Last but not least, the Ovi Map and turn-by-turn navigation. I have three points, first, the Voice Navigation interface - I am amazed how the details and thoughtfulness the developer that has created into the Map navigation function. The way it navigates, I can hear “keep left immediately”, “turn slightly right” and etc gives a very subtle personal touch and I think it is very useful if you are new to a place.

Then the Routing.. Being a local, There is a perception about how we will be heading and if we are not lead that way, we will feel weird and annoyed. However, to be fair Ovi has a couple options you can set to get better navigation result such as choosing shorter, faster or optimized route. You can also opt out certain routes based on your preference like avoiding tolls, or unpaved routes and even factoring in traffic information. I think one needs to play around to get a setting that meets individual needs and context in different countries. So I thought a wizard of Getting Started for new user could help a lot to get better experience and expectation to use the product

And thirdly, map accuracy and updateness which I think is the place where most improvement is required. Even though I think it is very difficult, but without an accurate map all will not work. I have seen buildings that has torn down 1-2 years ago and the new one is not available. Traffic information is somewhat out, that made me start to ignore what is recommended after using for a while. (note: I read somewhere the map is updated every six month, I feel it is way to long).

My overall experience of using the phone is good. I enjoyed the responsiveness of the phone and most of the functions are also applicable my daily use.

As per this post, I will like to share a video clip but I really cannot get a good one due to my video taking skill. It basically navigate to a mall that is near my place. And what I would like to show is the nice navigation voice interface.

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