Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Problems solved with Nokia E63 and Nokia Maps Updater

I am not sure what happened. There was a time when Nokia Maps was working fine for me. Somewhere along the line, I was no longer seeing the Australian map so I decided to upgrade my Nokia Maps.

Deleting Nokia Maps did not work and I found out that this is not possible as it is part of the E63 firmware so I installed the newer version over it... or at least tried to. I got the following error message.. have you seen this before?

It said "Cannot get enough information about the phone [3]. Unspecified error (1). I am hoping someone in the Nokia community can help with this. I cannot update my Nokia Maps and I can't install new maps on to my phone.. any ideas?

Edit: Tried taking advice from a Nokia Forum and it suggested that I install Nokia Maps 3.01(32) from here It also installed License Manager.  It worked but still updating maps is a problem. 

Some recent posts on the Nokia forums has suggested that there is a server error that is causing this. 


An update to the Nokia Maps Updater issue - We are still investigating. Unfortunately it is a bigger issue than (I) first thought.

R&D are looking in to this and i will update when i have more info.


Now more recently on the 26th April: 

We have identified a defect that was preventing users from updating their Maps application with Nokia Maps Updater [NMU] or with Nokia Ovi Suite [NOS].
While this defect is being fixed, upgrading using either NMU or NOS have been disabled.

As soon as we have resolved this defect we shall allow NMU and NOS to upgrade the Maps application once again.

I will look to update this (and other) threads when i have more news on this.

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  1. excellent blog about this problem.
    I had this problem with 2 phones after upgrading the firmware, a 5800 music xpress and a E66. when I started searching I found alot of people having the same problem recently.
    I dont know if its a problem with the new firmware or a problem with Nokia server as I didnt try to do a maps update before the upgrade.
    I hope nokia can find reliable solution as soon as possible because manually installing and updating nokia maps is not a reliable solution IMO.

  2. This sucks. I am so over my E63. It turns off and on when it feels like it. Sometimes every minute or two. Seems like a commonish problem that has multiple partly working fixes. But nothing to actually do it. Tried updating the firmware and vuala. Lost all my contacts. Awesome. And now, yep, maps is not working and won't update to fix. So not only do I not know where I'm going, but I can't call anyone to help. You little ripper. And yes. All the dudes with I-phones are laughing at me. Awesome again. Can't wait to ditch this phone. Why I changed from Sony Ericsson is beyond me. Never again. Come on end of contract.

  3. when i tried using wi-fi from my e63 it says 'general feature not supported'.can anyone help on this...

  4. i can't install any themes in thi nokia e63,please give me some ideas.....??
    gmail id-


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