Monday, May 3, 2010

Another solution to the Maps Updater Problem

This comes from the Nokia Forums and deals with the problem we were talking about in the previous post. There is a fix by  just deleting the ClientIndex folder in your phone. Here is the post...

I only have experience with version 3.01 or later, which can be found here:  

Please note this file is for the E63 and other similar phones on the same version of the operating system. There are actually different versions of the Maps application for different phones. Installing this file on your phone will put you on 3.01 of the Nokia Ovi Maps application. If your phone is fully supported by voice navigation, you want version 3.03. Nokia's E63 is not, and this is the version it needs.

It's possible (but I can't say either way) that earlier versions didn't have a ClientIndex folder, in which case you would need to upgrade to Ovi Maps 3.01 or later. Nokia E63 ships with version 2, for example, but I never bothered to see if it the phone had a ClientIndex folder running version 2.

The map itself is extracted to cities\diskcache and doesn't need the ClientIndex folder, of course. But the Index file definitely needs it.

If all else fails, I would delete the cities and QF file on your memory card. This may take a  while but it will mean any maps or anything you had on your phone are gone. Then I would run the Nokia Ovi Maps application once (on your phone). It may take a while to start becaue it will re-build the cities folder and file structure and also re-build the QF file). Then exit the application on your phone.

Now copy the necessary Index file, maps and voice(s) to their respective folders.

If you notice the ClientIndex folder still doesn't exist at this point, perhaps there is another problem I don't know about or perhaps you are using a phone model I am not familiar with.

Hope that helps.

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