Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Google Search By Voice in Times Square

Google's search-by-voice feature will be demonstated in New York's Times Square tomorrow (Friday) as part of the promotion for the Google Droid. As we mentioned in an earlier post, this new feature even allows your Nokia E63 to search google just by holding down a button and saying out your search. The phone will then use voice recognition to conduct a google search in a much shorter time than it normally takes to do it via texting.

They've also set up a webcam for this event here so check it out. At the very least, it is a great example of an excellent marketing campaign. Read more about it here and remember, Nokia does too. :)

Monday, November 23, 2009

FM Transmitters with your E63

I've recently found it quite useful to use an FM transmitter for the car. Plug the headphones cable into the Nokia E63 and you can play your favourite music on your E63 and have the whole car bouncing to the tunes. If you are into listening to audio books or messages on your phone, this is also another way to use your mobile phone as a MP3 player. The advantage is not needing to a separate player to your mobile phone. So, is this a new idea to you or have  you been doing this already?

Friday, November 20, 2009

Nokia OVI Suite sending two messages instead of one?

Having installed OVI on my computer, now I have both PC Suite and OVI running at the same time to see where each of the two programs are stronger in different respects. I have encountered a problem which I was hoping my loyal readers who have benefitted much from this blog, may be able to shed some light on. When I send an SMS through Ovi Messaging, I end up with two messages being sent rather than one. Does anyone have any idea why or how to fix it? 

What else have you found with running Nokia's new "replacement" for PC Suite? Does Ovi have you sold? 

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Bluetooth dead on the Nokia E63?

I got my Nokia E63 about seven months ago. It has been working quite well but only recently, the bluetooth doesn't seem to be working properly anymore. I am unable to detect the phone on two different computer running PC suite. Has anyone else had this experience? Has the phone decided that it has worked hard enough?

Monday, November 16, 2009

Application Manager Log

Many will not have realised that the Nokia E63 has an Application Manager. When you go into the options, there is a useful Installation Log which records when you installed, uninstalled all the applications on your phone. This could be useful to recall what program may be causing some instability issues for your phone. Perhaps my phone has too many applications on it, that now the phone is slowing down and starting to crash more frequently. Have you had the same problem?

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Let's talk about Ovi Suite and PC Suite

This has been something on the back of my mind for quite a few months. There seems to be not much clarity regarding the Ovi Suite series and what seems to be that Ovi is replacing PC suite. Personally, I have found PC Suite to be much easier to use. For example, I have found connecting the phone to Ovi to be quite troublesome, with the application hanging quite a few times and refusing to sync with cable or bluetooth. When selecting multiple recipients for an sms, PC suite allows you to type in part of a name, and then select the contact, press enter and continue typing the name of the next recipient. However, this is not possible with Ovi Suite messaging application. On the plus side, the Ovi application displays SMS messages as conversations and has a better graphic user interface.

I'll add other anomalies later but it makes me wonder why they did not just BUILD on what they have already developed with PC Suite rather than what seems to be "starting again" with Ovi Suite? I have not had that much experience with Ovi but curious whether there are any people out there who found Ovi better than PC Suite? If so, in what way is it better?

Monday, November 2, 2009

Search Google by Voice on Nokia Phones

You might not believe it but it works. The application Google Mobile now allows you to search by voice recognition software, understanding accents from US, UK and Australia as well as searches by Mandarin Chinese! Take yourself to and be ready to be amazed with the new Google software! Select the search for YouTube, hold down the green CALL button and say "Lebron James NBA" and let go of the green CALL button. Its as easy as that.

If you have already been using this feature, leave a comment about the different types of searches that you have found useful.

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