Monday, November 2, 2009

Search Google by Voice on Nokia Phones

You might not believe it but it works. The application Google Mobile now allows you to search by voice recognition software, understanding accents from US, UK and Australia as well as searches by Mandarin Chinese! Take yourself to and be ready to be amazed with the new Google software! Select the search for YouTube, hold down the green CALL button and say "Lebron James NBA" and let go of the green CALL button. Its as easy as that.

If you have already been using this feature, leave a comment about the different types of searches that you have found useful.


  1. I get redirected to download either the Google app (already have it) or the individual Google products. Youtube app on my E63 doesn't work like that... What am I missing?

    E63 on AT&T in the US

  2. New member here, thanks for this tip, updated my & am now able to voice search.


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