Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Let's talk about Ovi Suite and PC Suite

This has been something on the back of my mind for quite a few months. There seems to be not much clarity regarding the Ovi Suite series and what seems to be that Ovi is replacing PC suite. Personally, I have found PC Suite to be much easier to use. For example, I have found connecting the phone to Ovi to be quite troublesome, with the application hanging quite a few times and refusing to sync with cable or bluetooth. When selecting multiple recipients for an sms, PC suite allows you to type in part of a name, and then select the contact, press enter and continue typing the name of the next recipient. However, this is not possible with Ovi Suite messaging application. On the plus side, the Ovi application displays SMS messages as conversations and has a better graphic user interface.

I'll add other anomalies later but it makes me wonder why they did not just BUILD on what they have already developed with PC Suite rather than what seems to be "starting again" with Ovi Suite? I have not had that much experience with Ovi but curious whether there are any people out there who found Ovi better than PC Suite? If so, in what way is it better?

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