Monday, November 23, 2009

FM Transmitters with your E63

I've recently found it quite useful to use an FM transmitter for the car. Plug the headphones cable into the Nokia E63 and you can play your favourite music on your E63 and have the whole car bouncing to the tunes. If you are into listening to audio books or messages on your phone, this is also another way to use your mobile phone as a MP3 player. The advantage is not needing to a separate player to your mobile phone. So, is this a new idea to you or have  you been doing this already?


  1. this is the main reason I bought the e63... I was ready to put my iPod through the wall.

    unfortunately the sound quality on the e63 is appalling and the podcast support is useless (maybe there is 3rd party tool somewhere that works).

    I recently bought an iPod touch which is a great complement to the e63.

  2. Actually was a great idea. My son always wants music in the car from the phone so $22 later it is so much nicer through the speakers. If you do not like sound quality why not use oggplay. much better than default player.

  3. Just bought mine yesterday...A super blog u have ere.very informative...thx a lot

  4. I bought one, but my E63 whinges when I plug in a standard stereo 3.5mm plug rather than the one with three rings that came with the headset *sigh*

    I'll perservere.

  5. Hi,

    Could you please tell how we can enable FM transmitter on my E63, please tell me the steps in i have tried many times but unable to find the options.

  6. sorry there is no FM transmitter IN the E63 but I was talking about buying an FM transmitter to use WITH the E63. Sorry about the confusion

  7. Could you please tell how we can enable FM transmitter on my E63,

  8. There is no Radio Transmitter in E63.
    Buy Nokia N97 :p

    I have both :D


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