Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Another comparison of Nokia E71 and Nokia E63

Nokia E71 side by side with the Nokia E63

Everyone asks, what's the difference? Here are some comparisons between Nokia E63 and Nokia E71. First of all, in Australia the Nokia E71 retails at about $200 more than the Nokia E63.

* The E63 has a plastic casing and the E71 has a metal casing. The metal casing attracts fingerprints.

* Size E63 = E71 except for the depth where E63 is around 1.5 times fatter

* The E63 has a normal 3.5mm jack on top versus the E71’s 2.5mm jack on the side.

* Keyboard layout, E63 adds a ‘/’ button next to the space bar.

* Screen size The E63 has a slightly smaller dimension screen but resolution = E71 @ 320x240 pixels.

* The E63 has no GPS, HSDPA data (internet is slower) and no side buttons for volume

* The E63 has a 2MP camera versus the E71’s 3.2MP and has a fixed focus.

* The E63 adds a flashlight function that allows the camera’s LED flash to be used as a torch which the E71 doesn't do.

The Nokia E71 also comes with the following, which don't come with the E63.
* An additional memory card

* Leather slip case

* Micro-usb cable

What about you? Leave a comment. Why does the E63 make the E71 look overrated? Or maybe you are proud of your shiny E71 and the fact that it knows where it is without assistance. Or are you sitting on the fence at the moment?


  1. Very nice blogs, i bought an E63 three months ago and learn a lot of usefully tips to use my phone as a smart device.

    Link to my blog at http://tips-for-mobile.blogspot.com/ pls, to share the tips and the picture taken from mobile phone
    Thank you very much

  2. The E63 I bought in India has the following:
    - 1 GB Memory Card
    - Micro USB Cable

    The leather case did not turn up though...

  3. Some say E63 crashes (hang) occasionally while E71 doesn't.
    Is it true?

  4. One thing for real, E71 is more expensive than E63 :) E63 is more popular in my country especially among college students… For me, E71 is better but it’s heavier and smaller (that’s what I like). I think college students like E63 more because it looks like Blackberry from behind

  5. I bought an E63 a couple of days ago here in New Zealand. I thought it doesn't come with a memory card. I was shocked when I opened the slot. It came with a free 1gb card.

  6. i bought a E63 3 months ago in Bangalore, India... it came with a 1 GB card and a m-usb cable.... i am preety happy with it..
    My Boss (office) have the E71.... it hangs all the time..... my E63 never hang or crashed ever

  7. My E63 seems to hang once a week or more. The screen is dimly visible and can be illuminated by pressing the "hangup" button; no other button works. The only way to get it going is to remove the battery then re-start.

    My company has bought these for many employees and its a common problem.

  8. e63 is a state of the art bussiness phone

  9. My e63 is fantastic!

    I bought a silicon case, a micro bluetooth dongle and gps module from China, and everything is alright.

    (for bluetooth dongle i use an trendnet driver instead of famous standalone Bluesoleil - problematic with Ovi3 + Win7).

    No cables. All through bluetooth. 185MB of Maps in less than 20 minutes. Very nice!

    E63. Good choice!

    Regards from Brazil!


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