Wednesday, June 17, 2009

How to get MSN Live Messenger working on 3 phone

For those that are on a 3 X-series pack with 3 Australia, you get free Windows Live Messenger to use on your mobile phone. Go to your web browser and connect via Planet 3. Go To Address: This will take you here and you can download the application for connecting to MSN.

After that, its just a matter of going to the Installations menu item and opening Messenger. When prompted, you shoul connect via Planet 3 and not Mobile Internet (or it may freeze).

How's Windows Live Messenger on Mobile? Its surprisingly easy to use. Each new conversation becomes a tab at the top which you can toggle by pressing left and right. When talking to someone, the OPTIONS menu gives you options such as Sending a file/photo, vibration alert and changing your status. Not sure yet if you can receive files from other MSN messenger users to your mobile.

Emoticons are a little harder to use, requiring [1] or [2] to make smiles or go to the OPTIONS and select the emoticon you would like to send.. but you can't send an emoticon in that way with text on the same line.

How do you stop it from asking what "Select Access Point"? I am yet to figure this out :P


  1. any way to add a free yahoo account to e 63????

  2. Nokia Email program probably? If you are talking about yahoo chat, probably need to try ebuddy or fring.

  3. heyy heyy ii cnt even go online wid myy fonee how can ii do tht bcoz ii wnt msn on myy fone

  4. do you select wlan, 3 or 3mms? :s for the free internet

  5. WLAN will be free if you have access to a WIFI network. Other services you will have to pay unless you have included internet quota with ur plan

  6. We’ve been missing Nokia leaks for a while, following the announcement of the partnership with Microsoft, but here they are again, this time thanks to the mysterious E6 model.


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