Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Why Nokia E63? It reads out emails and messages to you!

OK the admission is that the Nokia E63 is definitely not the first phone to do this but many people probably don't realise that their Nokia E63 can read out their emails and messages by pressing and holding the left selection key when a new sms or email comes in.

If an sms just arrived, the phone will read out the SMS. Then, if there are emails in your mailbox which are still marked as unread, it can continue reading those emails as well. The voice is reasonably easy to understand.

If you press the left selection key, it will pause the reading. Pressing the right selection key will stop the reading altogether. This is extremely useful if you are driving and would like an sms read out to you or if you are in bed and don't want ot open your eyes to read the sms :) How many of you didn't know this? Leave a comment if you are a little wiser after this post.


  1. I tried that but it doesn't work? Maybe I'm on silent mode? Not sure..hmmm

  2. Tried and it didn't work for me either. :|

  3. It works for me :) thanks dude, love that function now

  4. way cool... just found your blog (New owner to the E63)
    works a treat :)


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