Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Porting number from Optus to Three - my experience

I am sure this is something many of us are interested in knowing more about. Having signed up to three's $29 cap for 12 months with the free Nokia E63, I had to transfer my number from Optus to Three, here are some FAQs about porting mobile numbers to 3 Australia (may be different for other services).

What's the first step? Sign up to your new carrier and yes, they will issue you a new mobile number. Once you have the phone and sim delivered to you, download the MNP(mobile number porting) form from 3 Australia here.

What's the existing Optus customer number? This is where I was delayed. Three called me up because I provided the wrong customer number to them which doesn't match with optus records. I have had two customer numbers and assumed wrongly that they were chasing the NEW number, when in fact they wanted my old 8-digit Optus customer number. Use this instead if you have two customer numbers.

What happens next? I kept both phones on, anticipating what will happen next. After a while, incoming calls to the number I wanted to port to 3 started coming through on the 3 phone. Strangely though, I could still call using the Optus phone. I still can. I tried to call my own number using Optus and it rang on the 3 phone which was quite interesting. Not sure when my Optus number will stop allowing outgoing calls.

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  1. Just in comparison: I went on Sunday to get the E63 on the $19 for 24 months plan and the girl said I can get it for $29 for 12 months if I like, which they didnt advertise anywhere... Anyway. She asked if I knew my Vodaphone account number, which I didnt, so I toddled over to Vodaphone which was a few shops away, got my account number off them, received a temporary number from 3 and the next day i received a sms saying turn my phone off and on and Yay!! all good!!! Works perfect!


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