Sunday, June 28, 2009

150min EXTRA per month + Free Nokia E63 even on $29 cap!!

We mentioned earlier that Three is giving away the Nokia E63 at a crazy $29 cap which pays off your Nokia E63 in only 12 months! Now, they have just added a bonus for customers referred by friends already on 3, like me. So if you are a referred customer, you will get:

For $29 / month over 12 months:
  • Free Nokia E63 phone
  • 200min to call 3 customers
  • $150 to call non-3 customers
  • $25 extra credit for being referred
  • 150min extra to call 3 customers every month for 12 months.
  • $64 cashback if you follow these instructions
How to get referred? Get a friend who is an existing customer of 3 to log in to and click through to referring a friend. Give them your email address and the name you will use to apply to 3. Then, click through to the three website to sign up.

From the official 3 website

Before you doubt that it is available on the Nokia E63 $29 cap

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