Monday, May 2, 2011

Thoughts on the Nokia C7 (Astound in the US)

People sometimes ask why we like Nokia so much and the Nokia C7, Nokia's slimmest ever phone, is typical of the answer that we often give. The phone is an unpretentious device with a characteristic reliability that we expect from the Finnish giant. The gorilla glass screen is tough as you can get, with a recent demonstration showing how the phone copes after being driven over by a four tonne bus.

Back to the features that would make this phone a pleasant device to have by your side: The FM transmitter enables you to share your music or your phone call over a FM frequency so that you can utilise your car stereo in your conversations or listen to music. The camera boasts 8MP full focus with HD video recording. The C7 continues Nokia's march into the touch screen market but is priced at the lower end of the smartphone spectrum. The operating system is responsive and the on-screen keyboard works well, even better with Swype installed.

As always, Navigation is free with the C7 and with Vodafone Australia, you can get free apps included in your plan as well. The phone comes with 8GB disk space with the MicroSD port allowing up to 32GB more space. Bluetooth is now at the new 3.0 standard and the headphones jack is also the standard 3.5mm, allowing to use your favourite headphones with the device.

The built in Email application performed reasonably well, but I found that downloading only headers was quite frustratrating as the network took quite a while to download the emails, however this may be more of 3's problem than Nokia's. As the device uses the new Symbian^3 OS, we await the update to the new updates which will amongst other things, include a better web browser.

The battery lasted just over a day which is quite standard with many other phones, but this is with emails being checked every 5 minutes and about an hour of talk time in total.

How the C7 can be better than the Nokia N8 and E7
One final feature which you don't often hear mentioned is the active noise cancellation which utilises a microphone on the other side of the phone to pick up sounds that should be cancelled out of the conversation whilst you are talking to someone. That's pretty cool because I don't think the N8 or E7 has this.

Also I should mention that the C7 has its own dedicated call buttons which means that when using Google Search and Google Maps, you will be able to hold the call button and make VOICE searches! Now that's something you can't do with a N8 or E7 either!

So for those that prefer the above features, the Nokia C7 looks like your kind of phone. Be warned QWERTY users such as our loyal E63 users, the C7 will take some getting used to. Otherwise you may have to wait for the upcoming Nokia E6.

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