Thursday, November 18, 2010

QuickOffice 6.0 is out

You know one thing that the Nokia E63 still has over new phones such as the Nokia N8? The E63 still gets QuickOffice free, including the new upgrade to 6.0. If you have not upgraded yet, check it out by going to  OFFICE > QUICKOFFICE > OPTIONS > UPGRADE.

So what features are new in 6.0 and relevant to E63 users? 

View Excel® 2007 Charts
See your charts recalculate when you make data changes.
View PowerPoint® 2007 Files
Open and view PowerPoint® 2007 .PPTX Files
Localization Support
Language support for French, Italian, German, and Spanish is included.
Enhanced File Manager
Easily navigate digital files and folders. Most file types listed so you can now organize your music, photos, and office documents.
ZIP File Support
Browse and Open files within a ZIP folder.
View Password-protected Files
Open and view password-protected Word and Excel files. Common Microsoft encryption supported.
Word Count
No more worries about having too many or too few words in your Word document. Works just like word count on your desktop.
"Go To" Cell
Quickly navigate large worksheets by simply entering in the cell address you want to find.

Ollie's Battery Life and App Review

One of our readers posted a comment which I thought would be worth highlighting here. He gives a good review of the battery life for the E63 even to the number of calls he makes. So how long does the E63 battery last? Ollie says..

My battery lasts 1 day and 19 hours on average.
Wifi: 8 hours a day (email, chat, surf, download). If wifi is unavailable, I use data for the same duration and purposes (eats power fast, though).
Texts: 80 msgs a day
Calls: 5 mins a day
Music player: 15 mins a day.
active standby is on all the time.
My charger is AC-8A. Battery is BP-4L. All original.
Beware of fake batteries and chargers. Phone is almost a year old now. I have no complaints about battery life. This is the perfect budget smartphone. Period. 

As for Ollie's favourite apps, they are: 
  • Kaspersky Mobile Security
  • SMS Preview
  • Opera Mobile
  • eBuddy
  • Remind Me
  • Cuckoo
  • Nokia Chat
  • Nokia eMail
I personally have not used SMS preview or Remind Me or Cuckoo but I'll probably check these out after this.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

We're big in Australia, India and UK.. but where are you from?

Just some interesting stats from the back end of MyE63. Out of the last 500 visits to this website, 120 came from Australia, 114 came from India and 51 came from the United Kingdom. That means, just under 60% of our visitors are from three countries.

Which one are you?

The next few countries where I would assume the Nokia E63 is populor are New Zealand, Indonesia and the United States. Most of you wanted to find out how to unlock your E63 and wanted to know how to use Gmail with your E63. These were the most popular pages amongst the last 500 visitors
So where are you from and what were you looking for? Leave a comment and say hi :)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Apps Suggestions for Nokia E63

Dustin, one of our readers recently recommended a list of applications that E63 users could consider, in response to our post about the best applications for the Nokia E63 here.

The applications that he suggested are listed below. What are your favourite apps for the E63?

  • OperaMobile(works fine on my e63)
  • Skyfire(browser i use for flash. Better capabilities.)
  • Nimbuzz(for MOST of your messaging live/yahoo/aim/msn/skype/gtalk/orkut/myspace/icq/facebook/gadu-gadu/hyves/ quite a few SIP prviders...if only it had irc...tuttut..)
  • Zipmidlet (for handling .zip files)
  • Freeunrar (for handling .rar files)
  • Gpfce (NES EMULATOR.....bam!)
  • Picodrive (sega emulator....bam!)
  • Jmeboy (gameboy/gameboy color emulator......another bam!)
  • Vbag (gameboy advance emulator...bizzzam!)
  • Jmirc (irc client..there are probably better ones)
  • Symtorrent (torrent handler! You may thank me monetarily)
  • Mobbler ( app..meh)
  • Dilbert! (dilbert app that has the entire 20+year dilbert comic archive. Epic find for dilbert fans)
  • Wattpad(nifty ebook reader/downloader. Cant fiind everything, but old works and public workss like those covered by project gutenberg can be. Also user submitted/created works, meaning it's often possible to find newer, more popular titles for free regardless of the legality of!..boasts 100k+ titles)
  • Putty (for all of your ssh needs)
  • and of course the basics like gmail/youtube/gooogle/ect,ect.

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