Saturday, July 24, 2010

The best keypad Nokia has produced?

Having recently acquired the Nokia E72 I started to realise that the nokia E63 is probably the best keypad of all the phones I have tried from the N series and E series phones. Even though the E72 is newer and manages to squeeze the best of both the E63 and E71 predecessors as well as solving the antenna problem that some E71s were suffering from, the E63 keypad for me seems to be better. What do you think? have you tried both phones?

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tips for Travelling with your Smartphone

It didn't use to be a massive consideration but now smartphones are very much a part of the preparation for travelling. Remember when you almost forgot to bring your mobile phone along and even if you did forget, it didn't make much of a difference on your trip? Well with so much data, notes, calendars, maps, contacts, and travel guides stored on your phones nowadays, forgetting your phone and preparing it for your journey onwards can be quite a worry. 

The My E72 blog has a recent post about 12 things you should remember to do before you fly overseas. Head over there or leave a comment if you see anything was missed. Travel tales are also welcome.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Are you considering a Nokia E63?

Did you know that most people who buy mobile phones look at blogs as one of their most decisive avenues of research? Hundreds of people come through this blog each dat trying to decide whether the E63 is for them. In previous posts we have talked about how the E63 suits a wide range of users and how it has enough features for a business user whilst being priced at the middle range of the mobile market for everyone to afford.

If you are one of those people looking at the Nokia E63 as a potential phone, you've found the right place. Do a search on the right about anything you want to know and we probably have covered it in the 100+ posts. Also leave a comment and tell us where you are in the decision and what you want to know from E63 users.

What is the Nokia Care Centre like?

Have you ever had problems with your Nokia phone? What happens when your phone is completely dead? We've had the "privilege" to find out what its like in Perth, Western Australia. After only five weeks of having the phone, my new Nokia E72 died in the process of updating the phone's firmware. Before that, the phone was crashing on a daily basis, sometimes without any overloading of apps (as tends to be the case with a phone that actually multi-tasks). I decided to head over to the Nokia Care Centre to see if they can revive the E72 and also to find out what their service levels are like.

The phone has been picked up today and I was very happy with the service of the staff there. When I dropped off the phone and when I picked it up, the wait for service was around 10 minutes. Head over to for a full report.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Simple but useful applications for E63 - Egg timer

Have you come across any programs that were probably dead easy to program but are extremely useful? The program that inspires this post is called EggClock which is basically a countdown timer for the E63 seeing as the phone doesn't come with one.

You can program the Egg timer to count down from anything down from 99 minutes. It displays the countdown taking up the whole screen and you can choose whether you want to sound an alarm at the end of it or not. You can choose to use the phone's wallpaper or a white background for the countdown. You can also choose whether the phone will give you one alarm when the countdown is complete, loop or every 5 minutes after the countdown.

Best of all it is completely free! Get it here at

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