Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Lost your Nokia E63 User Manual?

Quite often, especially for mobile phones, we need the user guide when we the user guide is not around. Here is a link to the Nokia E63 user manual.

For other tips and tricks using your E63, have a look around this blog. If there is a burning question that you have managed to figure out yourself, send an email to and we'll have it posted up soon. :) I only just got my Nokia E63 less than a week ago so we are all learning together.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

How to Remotely lock your mobile phone via SMS

I've decided to bring forward this post as I think this is one of the best features that the Nokia E63 has which most people will not know about.

Thanks Anonymous reader, who made the observation that many people do not realize that the Nokia phones allow you to remotely lock your phone via SMS. Yeah! It can be done..

Actually, we mentioned it in the Nokia E65 blog ( but just to make life easier, we've reposted it here. So, why remote locking? You are at a shopping centre toilet and after you have done your business, you walk away. 15 minutes later you realize you left your phone in the toilets! When you get back, its gone. What do you do?

There is an option in the phone called Remote Lock (under Tools - Settings - General - Security - Phone and SIM card - Allow remote Lock)

Enabling this will allow you to SMS your mobile number with a predefined "code". When your phone receives this SMS, it LOCKS and stops people from using your phone, they cannot call but can still receive calls. You will need to put in an unlock code to use the phone again. Since the phone still allows you to call up your mobile, maybe you can call your number (assuming the sim card is still in there) and negotiate with the thief to have your phone returned to you.

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