Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Lost your Nokia E63 User Manual?

Quite often, especially for mobile phones, we need the user guide when we the user guide is not around. Here is a link to the Nokia E63 user manual.

For other tips and tricks using your E63, have a look around this blog. If there is a burning question that you have managed to figure out yourself, send an email to and we'll have it posted up soon. :) I only just got my Nokia E63 less than a week ago so we are all learning together.


  1. Hello:

    I have a Nokia E65 and it doesn't let me know that I have voice messages. How can I set it up to be notified that there are voice messages received?

    Thank you,

  2. can i change the font colour on my nokia e63 and if so how do i do this...

  3. how do i get the keypad light to stay on longer?

  4. Hi how do i get the phone to ring more than twice before going to message bank.

  5. the following work on e63 (e63-1) rm437
    Holding # for three seconds on the home screen you change the active profile to silent or back.
    By pressing 0 (zero) for three seconds on the home-screen you easily can open the web browser.
    restart phone while holding 0+3+call(green) reset
    restart phone while holding 0+3+7+call(green) format
    holding * you can turn on or off your bluetooth
    holding space bar becomes flashlight

    *#06# Display the IMEI (GSM standard)
    *#0000# Display the firmware version and date (with variant info on S40 second edition or newer)
    *#9990# Says "Bluetooth Test Mode" on Symbian models; accepts without any messages and Bluetooth behaves abnormally on non-Symbian ones (models with build-in Bluetooth radio, activate first to use)
    *#2820# Display the Bluetooth MAC address (models with build-in Bluetooth radio, activate first to show address)
    *#62209526# Display the WLAN MAC address (models with build-in Wi-fi radio)
    *#7370925538# Reset the mobile wallet (models with mobile wallet)
    *#7370# Soft-format the memory (Symbian models only)
    *#7780# Reset to factory defaults, confirmation required (DCT4 or newer)
    *#92702689# [*#war0anty# aka *#ntvmthbn# ] Display the manufacturing and repair info (no exit on DCT3) or total talk time on Symbian models
    Note: many S40 firmware releases since 2009 disable this code

  6. Hi, my new Nokia E63 briefly lights up when I press the power button, says to unlock it. I unlock it. It says press function key. I do that. Nothing happens except it goes black.

    Then I repeat 20 more times.

    Any suggestions?


  7. have you ever been able to unlock the phone?

  8. why can't i add multiple recipients in my e63? i can add before but now i can't

  9. I cant open all files on Google Search page. what should I do?!

  10. I'm not sure what version Nokia e63 I have (I wasn't aware there were more than 1 version), and I was wondering if there was a way to make my phone ring for LONGER than 18 seconds?

  11. i am not that good in finding apps for my gf. she is looking for a phone blocker not in trial version and a free sms app.. if you can help thanks..

  12. i also sent a message to you gmail.. thanks..

  13. Can I copy or transfer my phone texts to my home email? If so, how?

  14. use Nokia PC Suite to copy your text to your computer.

  15. Hello,
    My wireless provider is at&t, and after inserting the sim card i was able to call and message perfectly. The only thing is,
    I am unable to access my contacts and information from my sim card. where is the setting I can use to have my phone synced to my sim card?

  16. my phone says it is offline how do i fix it .. i have tryed changing profile but it says please insert sim card

  17. looks like your sim card is not working properly.

  18. Hi, my E63's calculator switches from comma to point (e.g. 3.14 instead of 3,14). Do you know how can I switch back to comma? Thank you in advance.

  19. I think you may want to try this websites:

    to retrieve the free manuals. cheers!

  20. hi... I can't use the light senser next to the speacker... PLEASE HELP!!

  21. how to reset my nokia back to factory settings it is one i had given and i want all data cleared off

  22. How do I change the voice message on my nokia e63?

  23. i cant find WLAN in my nokia e63, dnt y, any idea? Is it downloadable.

  24. When someone tries to ring me it is going straight to voice mail this only started yesterday can anyone help.

  25. you can call Virgin to get them to unlock the phone for free tell them you need to go overseas


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