Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Jumping to the most recent message in Gmail

Some of you will know the experience of receiving 30 replies to the same email and the time it takes  to scroll to the most recent thread in the chain. There is a shortcut.

1. Open the message
2. Exit back to the Inbox
3. Open the message again. Gmail will now open up to the most recent thread.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Guest Post on using WPA2 via Nokia E63

Today we have a guest post from one of  our readers about how to use WPA2 networks on your Nokia E63. This is quite a read as many people would have experience trying and failing to connect to a secured network. Many of us just make our networks unsecured just to save the hassles but anyway, have a read and see if this fix works for your WPA2 network at home or work. 

Basically I needed to connect to a corporate WPA2 network at my office, and wanted to access it from the E63.

After defining the Access Point, I had to go into Edit access point to edit the WLAN security settings and change the EAP plug-in settings. It seems the EAP-SIM and EAP-AKA are the default two selected settings on the E63, but most WPA2 networks today use EAP-PEAP, so I had to select that (note: it's best to de-select the default two and select only the EAP-PEAP to avoid potential errors once everything's working, I have no idea why this is the case). Because I have to login to my corporate network via username and password, the "User name in use" via the EAP-PEAP had to be changed to User defined, then the username entered as appropriate. I chose the "Realm in use" to be from certificate, and allowed PEAPv2 (this is selected as No on default, but I had to enable it). Once that's done, I had to go to EAPs to select EAP-MSCHAPv2 -- again, this is not the default, so the defaults had to be disabled, and only this one enabled. Then I entered the username and password, and selected the don't prompt for password in settings. The final stage was to select an appropriate homepage if desired.

All in all, I was successful, but it took a good half hour+ to figure out the nuances. I don't know why such weird default settings are selected on the phone, and I don't understand why ot disabling some of the unused settings caused unexpected behavior.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Nokia E63s behaving badly.. is this your problem?

For the last few months, you will all know my experiences with the Nokia E63 and how generally, I am very happy with the phone. However, we want to look today at a problem my mother has with her Nokia E63. At first, I put it down to her inexperience with phones but tonight I realised that she is not as delusional as I initially thought. 

Here are the problems, see if you came to this blog searching for a solution to the following "symptoms" of this particular batch of Nokia E63s.

1. The Phone would automatically hang up, sometimes upto 4 times in the day.
2. The date on the phone would suddenly reset to another date (this I found hard to believe until I saw it myself)
3. The alarm on the clock wouldn’t work (when snooze is pressed, the phone would just go off & not come on again)

Did a quick google search and found there was at least one other person in the world with the same problem! We tried to have the new firmware installed by the THREE representative in Perth but that did not fix the problem. What next??

If you are Nokia representative, please let us know what is going on and how we can get the phone fixed.

It finally happened.. Cracked my Nokia E63 screen

After only six months with the Nokia E63, it only took one small accident to leave a large crack in my Nokia E63 screen. Devastated! It made me wonder how many people out there are harbouring cracked screens of the like and how long did you have your phone before it happened? I am not sure why none of my previous Nokia phones suffered this fate but I imagine it had to do with the transition from candybar phone like the E65 and 6230 to the smartphone QWERTY phones which are a little wider and therefore giving more room for damage. I can only imagine what it would be like to use an iPhone then... or do they have better screens?

Anyone know how to fix a cracked screen at a price less than a new Nokia E63?

Photo taken by the Nokia N97..

Thursday, October 1, 2009

FREE Best Profiles Application for Nokia.. email now

Yesterday marked the end of September and the end of the competition for Best Profiles, the awesome little app that could. To reward those that commented on the blog in the past month, could you please email mye63blog(at) with
  • your IMEI number for your mobile phone 
  • your username/nickname that you used to post on mye63, and
  • who you may have mentioned this blog to recently (if anyone)
Only the first 10 contributers who are regular readers (because they see this now) will get a reply later with their license code. Make sure you get your IMEI correct. For those that missed out, you can still get Best Profiles here.

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