Monday, May 31, 2010

Contemplating a Nokia E72?

For those that are considering getting an upgrade to a Nokia E72, there have been some recent posts on the E72 blog which you may be interested in. Firstly, the Nokia E72 has run out at Three Australia hopefully temporarily as it has been recently offered for free with the $29 cap. Also, Nokia Australia is giving away free car accessories for those that buy the Nokia E72. Find out the details about this offer here.

One interesting fact is that the Nokia E63 and the Nokia E72 both use the same battery - the BP-4L which is great for those upgrading from the Nokia E63, you may already have a couple of spare batteries before your new phone arrives.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Who you are makes this what it is

In case you were wondering, here is a snapshot of where readers such as yourself are coming from to learn more about their Nokia phone. We receive over 650 hits a day from around the world and enjoy hearing your feedback. If you have found a particular post useful, leave a comment and you will see it appear on the homepage on the bottom right corner. This is also where you may be directed by other readers who have benefited from a previous post. That's what we are doing here, folks. Help one another to get the most out of your device. And if you have a Nokia E72 and you got tips, help us build with your ideas. Email us 

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My Nokia E72 has begun..

As the 12 month contract rolls over for the Nokia E63,  it was time to get a new phone and as many of you would have predicted, the E63's successor is the Nokia E72. So a new phone means a new blog. If you are interested in a very comprehensive look at the Nokia E72, hop over to in the coming weeks as we start living with, not just reviewing, the Nokia E72

Thursday, May 20, 2010

N900 micro-review on Twitter

Hey everyone, if you have noticed in the bottom right corner, a trial run of the Nokia N900 is under way on our twitter account. To follow us, head over to our Twitter account @mye63 to see what impressions the Nokia N900 is making. Is it a worthy replacement for your Nokia E63? Tune in and find out.. If you have a question about the N900, you MAY get a reply if you leave a comment below and see the reply on Twitter.. it will be easier to see your question .

Monday, May 10, 2010

What's Your Best Apps for Nokia E63?

It's time for a MyE63 readers' application audit. What have you got installed on your phone?
Press the HOME button and then INSTALLATIONS then list the apps that you have installed. You can ignore those that you installed but is completely useless..

Here are mine: 
  • Skype - great for free calls especially if you have wifi
  • Screenshot - that's how we get screenshots on here
  • Sportstracker - excellent app for sports
  • SMSDiary - great way to read sms
  • TweetS60 - free twitter app
  • Energy Pro - see how much battery is being used by apps
  • Clicker - turn your phone into a bluetooth remote for PC
  • Google - voice search google stuff
  • Facebook - you heard of this website?
  • Gmail - easy access to emails
  • KJV Go Bible - Free Bible 
  • Opera Mobile (but doesn't seem to work properly)
There, that took five minutes. Search for any of these terms in the search bar to the right to find out more from reviews we've done in the past on these apps.

What are your apps? 

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mobile Google Maps now with Voice Search

Google has just released a new Google Maps for Symbian (Nokia) devices which includes voice commands.
I found the voice search very accurate. Here are some screenshots taken from my Nokia E63 whilst testing out this voice search feature. (You can also see on the map Google latitude in operation as well as the Google Buzzes shown as speech bubbles)

Pressing the call button in Google Maps activates voice search

Google Maps will then try attempt to figure out what you said

Results are displayed or press # to have them listed in this way

How have you found it? Leave your comments. Download it at or from your Nokia E63.
Below is a table of what the Google Maps for Mobile has for Nokia E63 users.

Google Maps for Mobile Features
Nokia E63
Free Voice Navigation
Search by voice
My Location
Business listings
Business reviews
Driving directions
Transit and walking directions
Street View
Satellite view
My Maps
Starred Items

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Nokia takes on the Netbook Market with Booklet 3G

It sure is a sign of the times when the world's biggest manufacturer of mobile phones weighs into the netbook market. The Nokia Booklet 3G is a slick, light companion for those who can't leave their computer at home. Whilst we are still exploring pros and cons of this breakthrough system, we would like to share some initial impressions for those who just want to know the quick facts and gut reactions. 

Form factor Apart from being only 1.25kg, the booklet comes with a small but sufficient sized keyboard. It's just the layout that takes a little while to get used to. The shift key for lefties will be a little out of reach for the pinky and the up and down arrows are a little hard to discern from the shift key on the right. 

Power Running on an Intel Atom, you do not expect lightning speed but those purchasing the Booklet 3G are generally not looking for outstanding performance. It runs very well on Windows 7 starter and handles web browsing flawlessly.

Portability There are two types of users of laptops and that's why the netbooks came out. Some people have turned laptops into desktops while others do not like lugging 3kg around. For these people, the booklet 3g makes a lot of sense. It's featherweight means you can carry it around with one hand and treat it literally like a notebook (you know, those hardcopy ones with a spiral binder). 

There were so many instances that I chose packing the Booklet 3G than my "light" Dell XPS 1330 which weighs 1.8kg. Compared to the Booklet 3G, my 13.3" laptop looked like a giant! Having tried the Booklet 3G, I have been left with an itch which seems to be only satisfied with buying one for myself. And it wasn't just me. 

A taste of things to come? The Booklet 3G surely conquered with its size and its slickness but I felt that the booklet did not make the most of its distinctive niche. It is different from a Netbook in that it has a 3G sim card slot as well as an in built GPS. However, Nokia did not pack anything that really brought out the potential of a netbook-with-GPS. The Windows7 Nokia GPS gadget showed your location but did not enable you to navigate with the Booklet. It would be cool to have it acting as a big screen GPS device! Also the "pc suite" for the Booklet was lacking in its ability to use the sim card inserted into the Booklet. I could surf the net using the SIM card and send SMS but I could not receive messages. It would have been good if I could make and receive calls as well. Maybe something to consider for the future, Nokia? 

Nevertheless, the size of the Booklet and the seemingly never ending power supply surely impressed many of the people around me with people asking "how much is one of those?" Well, in Australia you can't get one of those just yet. The Australian Nokia website does not even feature the Booklet 3G. In the USA, it retails at USD$549. 

Monday, May 3, 2010

Another solution to the Maps Updater Problem

This comes from the Nokia Forums and deals with the problem we were talking about in the previous post. There is a fix by  just deleting the ClientIndex folder in your phone. Here is the post...

I only have experience with version 3.01 or later, which can be found here:  

Please note this file is for the E63 and other similar phones on the same version of the operating system. There are actually different versions of the Maps application for different phones. Installing this file on your phone will put you on 3.01 of the Nokia Ovi Maps application. If your phone is fully supported by voice navigation, you want version 3.03. Nokia's E63 is not, and this is the version it needs.

It's possible (but I can't say either way) that earlier versions didn't have a ClientIndex folder, in which case you would need to upgrade to Ovi Maps 3.01 or later. Nokia E63 ships with version 2, for example, but I never bothered to see if it the phone had a ClientIndex folder running version 2.

The map itself is extracted to cities\diskcache and doesn't need the ClientIndex folder, of course. But the Index file definitely needs it.

If all else fails, I would delete the cities and QF file on your memory card. This may take a  while but it will mean any maps or anything you had on your phone are gone. Then I would run the Nokia Ovi Maps application once (on your phone). It may take a while to start becaue it will re-build the cities folder and file structure and also re-build the QF file). Then exit the application on your phone.

Now copy the necessary Index file, maps and voice(s) to their respective folders.

If you notice the ClientIndex folder still doesn't exist at this point, perhaps there is another problem I don't know about or perhaps you are using a phone model I am not familiar with.

Hope that helps.

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