Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Best Apps on Nokia N97

So we've looked at the Nokia N97 as a phone but of course nowadays phones need to do more than just make a call.

Nokia Maps on N97 The distinguishing feature of the new Nokia N97 when it comes to Nokia Maps is the practicality of having a touch screen to drag the map around with your finger or stylus. You can zoom in and out using the + and - on screen button. The GPS behaves about as well as the previous GPS-enabled Nokias.

Google Maps on N97 The program was working ok but recently, there was an issue where Google Maps couldn't find a network connection (Error: Connection failed: System error -1) and kept coming up with that prompt, not even allowing an alternative "network connection" to be selected. May need to reinstall it but apart from that, the program worked fine with the Nokia N97. My Maps and Layers as well as even Traffic details are now available on Google Maps with your mobile so if you have not upgraded to 3.02(1), go for it.

Sports Tracker on N97 Went for a walk using Nokia Sports Tracker and the N97 with a mixed experience. The GPS dropped out a few times but using a touch screen with Sports Tracker but otherwise the program worked very well. As expected, only difference is the ability to toggle through the results of the workout using the touch screen. The heart rate monitor seems to be available but because I do not have the adaptor for that, I could not test it.

Gmail on N97 Typing emails and messages using the touch screen must take some getting used to. I still have not mastered this and usually would end up using the qwerty keyboard. One small annoyance is the auto-keylock which also dims the screen so that you cannot see anything unless you unlock the keypad. For Gmail, nothing much changes with the Nokia N97. The touch screen interface does make scrolling through a little different but nothing too exciting. Then again, what else can you do with an email application? When I first installed Gmail, I did have a problem where, once the program is opened, I could not 'switch' back to the application but this problem seemed to disappear without me working out why it was there and also why it left (yes I do know how to swtich between applications, thanks).

and the question all Generation Y are asking.. what about

Facebook on N97 The Nokia N97 does make some good improvements integrating Facebook with the phone's features. With one tap of the screen, you can take a photo and then immediately upload it to your Facebook account. This is what many iphone users love and you will see more photos "posted on my N97" appearing. You can poke quite literally at your friends on facebook and view photos and status updates with relative ease. However, with so many options to click on, the facebook application is best operated with a stylus or the back of your pen rather than your fingers.

Looking through the OVI Apps Store... found some interesting free programs.

  1. Compass allows you to figure out which way is North using your mobile phone. 
  2. Timer Lite is just a simple touch screen timer that works well with the Nokia N97. If you don't forget the lyrics but totally can't get the name of a song, try the famous 
  3. Shazam for free on the Nokia N97 thanks to Ovi which listens to a song being played and tells you the name and artist of the song (then offers you the "opportunity" to buy the song). 

Maybe you came across this post but have other N97 applications you want to share.. leave a comment otherwise, explore the rest of this website for more tips and tricks for your Nokia phone.

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