Sunday, September 6, 2009

Dangers of Firmware Nokia E63 upgrades? Two Months on

As we all know, not all upgrades are good news so we would like to know what everyone is experiencing with their new E63 firmware? Some mentioned that the battery drained faster and some other issues but it seems we have not heard much from recent upgraders. 

There are some users on certain networks who are still unable to upgrade their phones to the new firmware because of the product code. There have been some suggestions as to how users can get around this Nokia E63 issue by following the instructions below.  

- Google for E63 Product code, for example i used a UK product code
- install a software called "Nemesis Service Suite" (NSS)
- plugin your phone, run the program and click the Scan button there
- click the "Phone info" icon
- Click read icon to read current phone info
- notice the product code field, tick the enable box and now just copy and paste a new product code you found from google in there (write down the current one somewhere )
- click write and all should be done
- run Nokia Software Updater and it'll find the new firmware for E63.

Has anyone tried this yet?


  1. i can't connect ,y phone to nemesis. it does't seem to detect or recognise the device since after everything i try to do (scan,phone info ect) all i get is "error". does any1 know how to solve this? thnX in advance

  2. Bought my phone on ebay...make sure you know the security code before you upgrade!!! Because I didn't check to be sure it was the default '12345' (it wasn't), I was hosed. Had to send the phone to Nokia's lone repair center in the U.S. to get it reflashed. Thankfully still under warranty so my only cost was FedEx to the shop. To their credit, they turned it around super fast, I had my phone back in my hands on Saturday after shipping it out Tuesday evening.


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