Tuesday, September 29, 2009

FIXED: Nokia N97 Google Maps Network Connection Error

I know this is not a Nokia E63 tip but since I have been playing around with the Nokia N97, here is a freebie for those N97 users out there since I just managed to work it out.

There is a Google Map error I mentioned in a previous post which was stopping Google Maps from running properly on the Nokia N97. It would say:

Network Unavailable.
This application requires a data connection
(Error: Connection failed: System error -30180)
Change Connection

To get the internet connection working, you will need to change the default Internet connection that the phone uses. You can do this by going to 

Menu => Settings => Connectivity => Destinations => Internet => Make sure that the internet connections in here work. Best thing is to go back one, go into WAP Services => Planet 3 (if you are using 3) => Options => Organise => Copy to other Dest. => Internet then go to Internet, and under Planet 3 => Organise => Change priority => Move cursor to the top and press enter. The priority should be at the top. 

If you try Google Maps now, it should work. 

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