Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Google Maps 3.2 for Mobile - Customised Maps now Possible

Finally, one of the things on my wishlist for Google Maps has been granted. Google Maps 3.2 brings the ability to view your "My Maps" customised maps. This allows you to pre-plan a number of waypoints that you would like to get to and add the "layer" to the map on your mobile so that you can navigate to the destination.

I've tried this new Google Map for Mobile on my Nokia E63 and everything is running sweet. It is very well integrated and with the press of the button 2, you can turn on and off any layers you want.

So what are the possiblities with this?
  • Input all your favourite restaurants into a My Map and access it on the go when you are looking for somewhere to eat "nearby".
  • Import a list of free wifi locations
  • Mark on your map where you are currently onto a map for later reference on your computer.
  • List your favourite cafes and have corresponding "icons" to appear on your phone (as below)
Point your phone browser here to get the download. See a user map of free wifi locations in Australia here as an example.

Edit: For those new to the game, Google Maps does require a data connection to run. If you do not have internet access on your phone, you are probably better sticking with Nokia Maps or Ovi Maps (use search bar on right for more details) as it is known now. To download it, you will also need a data connection so connecting your phone to a free wireless connection will suffice. If you don't have free WIFI access, go to your nearest McDonalds if you are in Australia.


  1. do i need GPS to use it? or do i need to connect to the internet to use it?

  2. @Anonymous

    No, you don't need to use GPS. That's the really cool thing. It figures out where you are (within a few hundred metres) based on which mobile network cell you are in.

    In fact I'm glad I didn't worry about not getting GPS on the E63. If you are really lost then your cell phone will give you a rough location. Then it's a matter of looking for nearby streets and landmarks. Plus there's Google Street View these days as well, so finding your way around without GPS is pretty easy.

    But yes, you do need to connect to the internet to use Google Maps.

  3. By the way Adrian, thanks for pointing this out. I'd just downloaded the latest version from the main Google site, which doesn't have this layers feature.

    It seems you have to go to the UK site to get version 3.2. I wonder why this is?

  4. Gabriel,

    I have been trying to install my business email address in the phone under "work" but the phone keeps telling me that OWA is incorrect.

    I use Cpanel as the main address to long into my email account and do not know what this OWA is.

    Can anyone help me out please?

  5. But till now, E63 has been updated to new firware v 500.21.009. That doesnot fupport to install google map. And the most bad new is there has no solution to hacked this new firware.


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