Saturday, July 4, 2009

Internet Shortcut You Probably Didn't Know

When using the Nokia mobile phone browser, I stumbled upon a toolbar that I hadn't realised was there all that time. If you hold down the main selection key (the one in the middle of the phone), you are presented with a few quick shortcuts:
  • Most frequently visited websites (this will be very handy!)
  • Zoom out page overview - for those big websites not made for phones
  • Reload (refresh) page - I was wondering why there wasn't a shortcut key for reload!
  • Find - search for text on this current webpage
When using FIND, the word is highlighted on the page in every instance it appears in a very clear and distinct red highlight.

Before you leave a message that it doesn't work, make sure that your phone "mouse" cursor is not hovering over a text input field, otherwise these secret menu items will not appear. You can also access the toolbar by going to OPTIONS --> TOOLS --> SHOW TOOLBAR... but why would you do it the long way?

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