Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Getting to know Nokia E63 users like you

Each phone has a target audience. The E series has been targetted to the young professionals, the early adopters in the mobile phone market. For example, many people didn't know that you could surf the internet on the phone until iphone came along even though many of us were doing this in 2005. The Nokia E63 came out as a cheaper smartphone, to reach more people, especially girls who like the bright red E63.

Question is, who are the ones currently playing with a Nokia E63? If you have one, please leave a comment here and tell us what your occupation and age is, and maybe even where you are from.


  1. PE teacher
    Sydney Australia

    Loving my E63.Found it to blaze compared to my old 6680and doess all i want and more. Added Opera mini. Wefi, to locate open hotspots and free Divx player from Divx.com and for no extra cost I can do everything I need.
    Oh and BTW, I am a boy and I love my red coloured phone.

  2. Mobile messaging technical support
    29 M
    KL, Malaysia

    Upgraded from E65. Using E63 for Mail for Exchange, social networking, surfing.

  3. I am a guy and i love my red phone as well. If you hold the bottom corner towards you, it looks a bit like the front end of a ferrari :)

    36 M Ipswich (near Brisbane) Australia.

    I work in customer service/retail/hospitality, on a fairly low wage. Until now I've been on a pre-paid phone (Nokia 6800)

    I have been looking for a phone with a qwerty keyboard, but until recently the only options in my price range where either the boost webslider, the telstra palm centro. I have been waiting for the E63 to come out for $19 a month for awhile now. As soon as it did I grabbed one.

    I use it for planning my life and recording my life through Projekt, Quickoffice and the built in organiser functions. I am currently trialing Profimail for email. I use it to keep up with facebook and email photos to facebook courtesy of Zannel.

    I am currently trying to get SportsTracker to work, but I think my GPS dongle is flakey. Since we're introducing ourselves, does anyone else have experience with GPS bluetooth dongles and the E63?

    I use the music player and the built in speaker to play background music at work.

    Oh, and once in awhile I use it to make a phonecall, but only if I absolutely have to. :/

  4. Can't wait to get my hands on mine (blue one in the mail)...I've got an E61 that is still a great phone, but couldn't resist an upgrade. Looked at the E71, and since I don't really -need- GPS and HSDPA (not even available on AT&T in California yet), the E63 would do the trick quite nicely. Plan to outfit it with same stuff I currently use my E61 for: Mail for Exchange for work, Nokia Messaging (for Yahoo/Gmail), SMS/MMS Diary, Opera Mini. Hope it will play nicely with music, once I find a decent player.

  5. Just got this yesterday, My iphone needed repaair for the fouth time in a year and I was fed up of the spple service here Ireland....looking forward to getting to know my E63...it

  6. IT Consultant, 29, Mumbai, India. After using Sony-ericsson for 3 yrs, i bought E63(Black) last month. Phone is really good, specially the price at which u get!

  7. Computer Engineering student. I have a blue E63. Use it mainly for mail, sms, twitter and to play with bluetooth gps.

  8. Okay, so maybe you can help me with a bluetooth gps problem?

  9. Whats the best way to use twitter on this phone?

  10. Pitz thanks for the tip regarding Wefi.com, been trying it out.
    JT - what kind of mobile messaging support do you do?
    Matthew - thanks for a very good intro about yourself. I use GPS for my E63, posted about it at http://mye65.blogspot.com/2009/06/using-gps-bluetooth-adaptor-for-your.html
    Anonymous - do u have SMS Diary already?
    Laura - tweets60 seems to work fine

    Who else is here...

  11. Re-twitter:
    I just discovered tweet60... seems okay. Snaptu also seems interesting. Or you could just use the web page in your browser.

    So far I think snaptu is winning.

  12. @Matthew: try gravity (http://mobileways.de/products/gravity/gravity/) for twitter. Its great!

  13. Full time uni student
    Sydney, Australia

    Been using Sony Ericsson for some time and decided to go with the e63 and I'm loving it. :) I use it mainly for calls, sms, twitter, facebook, msn and checking my email.

  14. guy, 23, publicity student from spain. can't wait to get the e63 next week... it will replace my SE k800i and my broken-screen ipod ^^

  15. school student
    17y/o m.

    got my black e63 last week after signing up with the 3 $19 cap.
    finding it excellent, and still discovering features. sleek, light, and i feel somewhat professional - a huge change from my out-dated sony ericsson k608i...

    only slight niggle is not being able to browse on wi-fi at home without being interrupted by planet3 regularly. but that's the carrier's fault, not the nokia's, which so far has been hard to fault. :)

  16. Male (last time I checked) ;P
    Age unknown (lost my birth cert)
    Working fulltime somewhere south of Aussieland

    Got a black E63 thru 3 mobile on the $29 plan + $8 essentials pack for email/web.

    Reason for change? Able to check all my email accounts (yahoo, hotmail, gmail + pop3) without having to boot into the PC and surf thru all the pages. What a time saver!

    Hi MyE63 (and hi to all readers), great site you have, lots of useful info, will try out some of the hints and tips and downloads to get the E63 working at tip top form!


  17. DBA - 46yo
    My wife - Production Planner - 47yo

    My wife and I both upgraded our Nokia 6300 to E63. We like the eMail capability. I think Email on 3 is impresive as it has OWA. The Optus does not have the same service which is a shame as I use Optus and my wife uses 3. We also had Opera Mini installed for Web Browsing. We have an hour commute each way to work and it is just handy to have this.

  18. male, 24, pharmacy student

    i've always been a fan of the nokia. never used any other brand. I had the nokia 6555 for a while, but it had issues, and I wanted a smartphone anyways. this phone served its purpose for me. I love the battery life on this too. reminds me of my old nokia 3120 where I just charge it about twice a week instead of every day

  19. 21, student/sales chick

    I love this phone. What an upgrade from my 2g s500i, gee. I use it to organise my life, the calendar function is wonderful.

    The only problem is a slight fault with the screen, strange crinkle effect up the top, will be popping by nokia support to see what that's all about soon.

  20. Hi, A good twitter client for the e63 is "Twitter Mobile" http://www.twittermobile.co.uk

  21. @myE63 I have the trial version of SMS/MMS Diary installed, waiting for the new phone to actually purchase. I like it, only negative so far is there is no option in the menu to forward texts. I used to use Nokias Conversation from their beta labs, but it only really works if you keep your saved texts to a bare minimum (it gets -really- slow with a lot of them)

  22. 26 Graphic Designer, WA

    Wanted to get the E71 but didn't want to on on an expensive plan. So decided to get the E63 on three. Awesome phone! the organiser is great!
    BTW I was the first person to mention about the equal = symbol problem. Took it to the three service centre 2 weeks ago, I don't know how but they fixed it for me :D. Still looking at more free applications. Cheers

  23. JT - what kind of mobile messaging support do you do?

    SMS based. Premium and Bulk sms connectivity.

  24. Hey Guys,

    I finally got my blue E63 in the post today! I'm a 19 year old female university student in the UK!

    Everything seems pretty good on the phone, and really enjoying using it!

    Couple of questions though which I can't really find out elsewhere:

    1) How do you download an application for this phone?! This sounds really dumb but I'm majorly confused by it!

    2) What are good sites for free applications?

    3) Is it possible to sync 2 email addresses to the device? i.e. Have my hotmail as one, and my university e-mail as another?

    Thanks guys! Any help would be much appreciated!

    OC xx

  25. Hi there -

    Thanks so much for the postings on this blog. I recently purchased an unlocked Nokia E63 and am loving it. I live in New York City, use T-mobile and get an unlimited data plan for $25/month. I don't know what other people are paying, but this doesn't seem like a huge expense for me. I was actually expecting them to charge me more.

    I'm 28 and work in marketing. I dont need the phone for my job, but it's nice to be able to see my work email on the go.

    My favorite thing about the phone is the Google Maps app. I also use the interet, which isn't pretty user-friendly and quick, and Twibble for twitter. The camera takes decent pictures, esp. during daytime, and the video cam isn't nice too!

    I wish the Nokia store (Ovi) were better -- it's kinda lame (I'm also used to the iTunes app store, which is incomparable, I suppose), and doesn't have a lot of info on each app. Hopefully this will change in the future.

  26. Hi there

    Dad, Engineer
    Perth Australia

    I mainly got this phone because of the great deal 3 were doing on it. I had suspected that typing on such a small QWERTY keyboard would be slower for text messages than T9, especially one handed (and reckon it's true).

    Still, I was after a way of checking the occasional email, Facebook or eBay page from work where our internet access is filtered. I also wanted to be able to check weather, movie times and Google Maps while I was out.

    I'm pretty happy with it, and even happier now that there's a blog to talk about it on.


  27. @MC Thanks for the suggestion to go to Three service centre to fix the = sign problem
    Welcome to Peter, Laura, JT, Shahid, Helens, Mikey, Rommel and all. If anything new comes up in your E63 experience, do let us know.

  28. Hi there,
    I'm shafiQ,
    student(in programming)
    Penang, Malaysia.
    I fall in love with this phone about the feature that it have such as WIFI, email, IM and the Qwerty.
    btw, i love to go online, hence i need to be in connected,
    so, e63 is the solution.
    btw, it also have quick office, so while on the move, i can do my works/reports without accessing my laptop.

  29. Rich (31)
    Leeds, England

    Really wanted an iPhone but not prepared to pay the tariff and handset price so shopped around and settled on an E63.

    Perfect for everything I need to do.

    I've been searching for a Google Calender App (because accessing Google Calender via the browser isn't too user friendly) and stumbled across GooSync.

    Now this is a paid for application, and it's not cheap, but in my opinion, extremely worth it.

    Now when I get an email equirey for Wedding photography, I can instantly check my diary and within moments contact the potential client to arrange a meeting.

    P.S. Can't believe I missed out on Best Profile.. grrr.

  30. Female, 20-year old college student
    Chicago, IL

    I LOVE this phone, have only had it for a couple of weeks. The US isn't a big place for Nokia smartphones, so I'm the only person I've seen with this phone. I used to have a blackberry I loved, but I love the many things which the E63 can do out of the box: like download podcasts, etcetera.

  31. Male, 25, Embedded systems engineer
    Goa/Bangalore, India.

  32. Hi there,

    I have a new nokia e63 and I am trying to send all my (business) contacts to the new phone but it's only sending one each time?
    Also my new nokia e63 DOESN'T have a menu icon, please help ???

  33. Male 34 Instructional Media Specialist at a college. NC USA, on AT&T, Use it for facebook chat through Nimbuzz, still looking for a better app for twitter. Also email & internet using mobile google.

    I don't like ovi, I use google mail, calender & address, able to synch everything for free using mail exchange, works great. Works great I like this phone, also excited to find a blog about with trick & tips.

  34. F 25 central coast australia
    full time carer
    i have the red but that was by accident
    i wanted the black
    am loving the phone
    but was wondering if there are any shortcuts for skipping pausing things like that on the music player
    like how you can adjust volume
    also love nimbuzz

  35. Male 28, Electrical Engineering student
    Sydney, Australia.
    I'm addicted to thr E63. Well not to the point it disrupts my life. I mainly use it for email, ebay and web surfing. I would like to buy an external GPS unit.

  36. M 22 Project Manager

    Just bought mine, still learning my ways around the e63. I used the 2G iPhone and hated the fact that it's not a phone... but a multimedia system.
    Looking towards good times with this unit.

  37. teacher
    just love this phone

  38. Annie
    brand ambassador

    Got the phone today and playing around with it..love the keypad

  39. whitelady88

    27 philippines
    self employed

    i love my phone..the rubby keypad..so nice..

    I love using many appz like operamini5.2beta

    i love the wifi..


    Love it!

  40. 19, male, full time student. Bought it yesterday, and absolutely love it.

  41. male 27 videographer
    jakarta, Indonesia

    cool phone!! better performance than the popular blackberry gemini i think.

  42. I have downloaded yahoo messenger. Trouble is I can not in put my yahoo address because it has an underscore (_). this character I can not type in. I have tried copy and paste to no avail. Any help out there please?

  43. u press the button on right most bottom beside the colon(:) of the box.. the CHR button

  44. Just click at the point you want to put underscore and it will open another window you can use CHR for inserting


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