Saturday, July 4, 2009

NEW Firmware 200.21.012 for Nokia E63 brings facebook and speed.. apparently

News is spreading around the net that the new Nokia E63 firmware is available at via the mobile phone software updater.

In order to update your firmware, you will need to buy a cable. You cannot update via bluetooth unfortunately and since Nokia E63 does not come with a cable, you will need to buy one or ask a friend who owns a Nokia E71. Email for details if you would like to get a cable for AU$12+shipping to your country.

Of the mentioned improvements, some have reported that certain alarm glitches are gone, and the phone speed has improved. A shortcut to facebook has also been added. However, one user has reported that their WLAN did not work after upgrading.

For my E63, even after installing the Nokia Software updater from the nokia-asia website, it reported that no firmware update is available for my phone. Perhaps my phone from Three Australia cannot be updated yet. How did you go?


  1. For me, the speed didn't really improve. Nothing improved to be honest. The lags still exist.

  2. I also am on 3 an it appears the new firmware must either not be for our NAM model or 3 is up to its old tricks of not approving new firmwares .........

  3. Overall phone usage feels the same (no speed improvement). However web browsing scrolling is faster. There are 3 new icons in Installations: YouTube, MySpace and FaceBook, which are web shortcuts.

    Strangely, after the firmware upgrade, my Mail for Exchange account got locked out for around 30 minutes. I also had to reinstall programs that were on the MicroSD card, ie. Slick (the only app that i found connects to YM! properly)

    '=' sign still works fine.

  4. What about Freeoffice upgraded does that need to be reintalled?
    So If I had Infophone installed I would have to install that again?
    Did you use NokiaSuite for contacts before firmware upgrade?
    What is SLICK and YM?

  5. Good question on the freeoffice upgrade. When I checked, it said "the previous installation failed." I'm reinstalling it now.

    Sorry, I don't know what is Infophone.

    Slick is an IM client that connects to Yahoo Messenger and MSN (Live) Messenger. All the other IM clients I tested couldn't connect to Yahoo Messenger (eBuddy, fring, and a few others that I can't remember)

  6. and I just found out that the equalizer doesn't work on headphones on the new software :(

  7. can anyone with the FW confirm if there are new features in the Phonebook that allow you to specify a jabber account?

  8. i have the same problem with JT, need to reinstall Quick Office,
    btw, my phone gone slower after upgrading, whenever i accessing the phonebook.

  9. i tried the steps above but my phone said.."Not Allowed!" do u guys have any idea whats happenng to my mobile phone? any idea how to fix this?

  10. MY PHONE IS A LITTLE FASTER.. THE PROBLEM IS INSTALLING UNSIGNED APPLICATIONS which makes it quite boring for me,, firmware is 510.21.010


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