Sunday, July 26, 2009

How to still get $29 12 month contract for Nokia E63 on Three

As many people would have noticed, Three has removed the $29 cap for 12 months and upping the contract back to 24 months. You can still get the $29 cap for 12 months with a Nokia E63 if you go to this page here. If you know an existing 3 customer like me, you can also get a bonus 150 minutes / month added to your 200 min free calls to 3 customers if you are referred before you sign up. Email me if you are not sure how this works.

EDIT: Link Updated here to get the $29 cap for only 12 months.


  1. I got my E63 for $29 over 12mo - this July. I thought it was a fluke in the 3 website but no, they really gave the phone at this price and I was even able to unlock it for free. On the offer, they even said a $50 credit if you purchase it online, but to date I have not been credited yet. I called their customer support and they told me that offers of credits can be applied anytime in the next 3 months - for which I jokingly replied that it would be forgotten then. Well, I placed a reminder for me to check in 3 months for what's its worth.

  2. Hi Rommel,
    Register and log into, you should see the $50 credit on your account.

  3. Hi Luau, I've actually registered in - that's why I know that it was not yet credited. I'm wondering if there are readers who bought phones from Three online and got their promised credit right away. We bought another E63 over the counter and the $25 credit they offered appeared almost as soon as we registered the phone on said website.

  4. Not anymore (no longer listed under $29) but try via - search e63 for the link to three. They claim it's good til 31/8
    [why can't I paste the links in this box?]

    Cheers, Adrian

  5. I managed to get mine on a $19 cap for 24 months with 3. Although that deal seems to have ended now as well.

  6. Deal seems to be back up now for September


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