Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Battery saver tip - Is your phone secretly connecting to the internet?

Did you know that some mobile providers automatically maintain a connection from your phone to the internet without you knowing? Three Australia is such a provider. You will notice this when you press and hold the red button, the phone will ask you whether you would like to end packet connection even though you have no web browser connected to the internet. Some regular users on MyE63 would have already noticed Pitz' comment in reply to our battery saving tips.

Here is the way you can double your battery life on your Nokia E63 by disabling the automatic connection to PLanet 3.

1. Put your phone into offline mode.
2. Duplicate your access point(given option) and it will offer to save tit as planet 3(1). DO this.
3. Delete your original planet 3 access point.
4. Rename Planet 3(1) to Planet 3.
5. Go back online.


  1. Does this still works? I tried this (2009/07/21) but the original Planet 3 though it comes back with the message deleted, remains in the list.

  2. maybe you deleted the wrong one :)

    delete Planet 3
    rename Planet 3(01) to Planet 3

  3. I've tried it several times, and just to be sure I've rebooted the phone and did it again - offline, duplicate, delete. Same thing happened, Planet 3 access point was not deleted.

    My version number is 100.21.110 14-11-2008 Nokia E63-3 (203.03). We have "Email On 3" setup which I think is responsible for the constant connection to this access point. The phone is also unlocked.

  4. There is another tip for improving battery life. It seems that the Home screen Wifi plugin has a bug. When using it to connect/search for wifi sometimes it remains open in the background. I uses Nokia Energy Profiler to see what causes my battery drop. At every 1 minute for a second, it was a big spike when the wifi was searching for something. The solution is to disable the plugin from the main screen. In this way I had no other problems with battery draining. The browser asks me anyway where to connect so there is no need for the plugin to be active.

  5. how to disable this wifi support? I want to remove this plugin from home screen.

  6. Yes this really helped a lot.. this was the bug and it finally solves the problem. lets see know how much the battery lasts..
    Thanks and Regards.

  7. Do I still have to leave Planet 3 if the phone is unlocked and Im using a Vodafone sim? Thanks so much for the tip :)

  8. I believe Planet 3 is part of the firmware, therefore it can only be deleted if you reflashed your phone.
    Someone please confirm that in case I got it wrong.
    Since your phone is unlocked and you can use the Vodafone sim, you can always change the mode of the keys so they bring up different functions instead of Planet 3. :)

  9. Planet 3 won't work with Vodafone so don't worry about it trying to connect to the internet using your Vodafone sim.

  10. Thanks so much for the replies Luau and MyE63 :)
    My phone was running down within 24 hours when I used my voda sim, despite the fact I was using a brand new battery from Nokia Service.

    I followed the instructions above and now my phone is lasting a few days (minimum)

  11. how do you duplicate and delete access points?

  12. In Sri lanka, there is a problem since 2,3 months ago regarding to planet3 unlocked phones. those terminals are automativally connect to the internet. the only one solution for this issue is disconnect the APN (internet connectivity) from the service provider. then those users are unable to browes the internet when they need. Any way it is not possible to delete the Planet3 access points. So, is there any option to stop automatic connecting to the internet?


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