Thursday, July 23, 2009

Would you like to accept connection (again?) bluetooth hack

Do you get annoyed about how every time your phone connects to your computer, you need to say YES I do want to allow my computer to connect to the phone?
There is an easy fix. In three words, it is SET AS AUTHORISED.
On your E65, or other Nokia phone, go to MENU --> CONNECTIVITY --> BLUETOOTH. Then press across -> to access the "PAIRED DEVICES" tab. Scroll down to the connection to your computer/other phone/PDA/bluetooth headset that you want to always allow your phone to connect automatically, and go to OPTIONS. Select "Set as authorised" and from now on, you won't be asked whether you would like to accept the connection from your computer. This is a security pre-caution built in to the phones that makes sure that just because you allowed someone to access your phone ONCE, they cannot continue to do so unless you have authorised an automatic connection.
Now, when your phone comes in range with your computer, they'll say hi to each other, update each other on what's been happening with them (sync your calendar, notes, address book, files, pictures or whatever else you want to sync with PC Suite) and send whatever changes you made to your phone or PC to the other - and this will allo happen without bothering you about it. This is how technology has advanced (actually it advanced 4 years ago to make this possible). PC Suite will even give you a summary of what they "talked" about and what details have been updated. Just one obvious tip, make sure PC suite is always on in order for this automatic connection to happen and make sure that in your syncing settings, you have enabled automatic syncing. Reposted from MyE65 as requested by Rommel Pascual, hope that helps.


  1. Dude - the tabs in the bluetooth menu is not very obvious , perhaps it was my dark theme. Thanks for re-posting these :-)

  2. Set it as authorised day I got it, a very sensible idea.

  3. hey thanks !
    was very bothered about this - but now am not !
    thanks again.

  4. thanks a lot - was v. annoying before

  5. Can I do the same on Nokia E63?

  6. I posted the anonymously the question "Can I do the same on Nokia E63?" and then found the answer within your original post. Thanks a lot for your posting. It really helped. I spent months trying to figure out how to do it!


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