Thursday, July 15, 2010

What is the Nokia Care Centre like?

Have you ever had problems with your Nokia phone? What happens when your phone is completely dead? We've had the "privilege" to find out what its like in Perth, Western Australia. After only five weeks of having the phone, my new Nokia E72 died in the process of updating the phone's firmware. Before that, the phone was crashing on a daily basis, sometimes without any overloading of apps (as tends to be the case with a phone that actually multi-tasks). I decided to head over to the Nokia Care Centre to see if they can revive the E72 and also to find out what their service levels are like.

The phone has been picked up today and I was very happy with the service of the staff there. When I dropped off the phone and when I picked it up, the wait for service was around 10 minutes. Head over to for a full report.

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