Thursday, July 15, 2010

Are you considering a Nokia E63?

Did you know that most people who buy mobile phones look at blogs as one of their most decisive avenues of research? Hundreds of people come through this blog each dat trying to decide whether the E63 is for them. In previous posts we have talked about how the E63 suits a wide range of users and how it has enough features for a business user whilst being priced at the middle range of the mobile market for everyone to afford.

If you are one of those people looking at the Nokia E63 as a potential phone, you've found the right place. Do a search on the right about anything you want to know and we probably have covered it in the 100+ posts. Also leave a comment and tell us where you are in the decision and what you want to know from E63 users.


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  2. i have bought a Nokia E 63.
    and am real disappointed.
    Its a dumb phone.
    The s40 series phone would prompt me if i have a number stored, and am trying to store it by the same or a different name.
    This dumb phone does not apply a single bit of logic. and goes on making duplicate entries in the phone book.
    The nokia maps feature has a glitch. And a major one. I cant update maps. I have to uninstall and reinstall the entire feature every time i want to update.
    It does not have a lot of basic functions like countdown timer, stop watch etc. And if u try to download these apps from nokia, guess what, u have to pay. In this age of android and open source software, u are asking people to pay for the basics.
    So i simply downloaded and installed and open source countdown timer (egg timer). it works fantastically.
    The phone does not have a lot of options that are mentioned in the user guide. for some time i felt like i am reading the user guide of some other phone.
    And i have not yet discovered the phone fully. Its very recently that i have purchased the phone.
    i am yet to explore the wireless, bluetooth and connectivity functions of the phone.
    And after the initial experience, am not expecting too much either.

  3. For the price of it, the phone is quite reasonable. Flashlight is awesome, and probably the most often used accessory on my phone. Great value for money.

  4. Hi there

    I have to say that I spent a lot of time researching my next phone and am happy with my Nokia E63 which I bought two weeks ago.

    Your blog answered many of my questions. I also downloaded a few applications from the smartphone website which I think the phone needs, especially bestprofiles.

    I am disappointed with the Contacts though. I expected to be able to add more detailed information.

    Also disappointed with battery life. I run WIFI all day which is sucking my battery power. I have just bought a USB charger to replace the wall charger.

    I tested making a video and uploaded it to youtube - the sound was not that good.

    Otherwise, I am happy with the phone.. hate it that it's sohard to change the volume :)

    Thanks again for your excellent blog.


  5. Hey There, This is an amazing blog. I'm a potential E63 customer, planning on picking it up from the store this weekend. The only apprehension that I have in buying the E63 is, the fact that Nokia seems to be trying to out date this model and the fact that it is close to being 2 years old. I really love the features of this phone and the I am guessing the OVI store should have some decent apps for the phone, but correct me if I am wrong, is Nokia trying to kill this model ?

    One important aspect for me in a phone is the ability to read ebooks, kindle seems to have released a app for both the IPhone and the Android market, will it probably make one for the S60 ?

    Thanks in advance for your reply.

  6. Hey Anonymous. I doubt Kindle will make an app for Symbian 60 but otherwise I think the E63 holds up as a decent phone. Every phone model eventually gets phased out but that also means that you will get accessories etc for cheaper :)


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