Wednesday, November 10, 2010

We're big in Australia, India and UK.. but where are you from?

Just some interesting stats from the back end of MyE63. Out of the last 500 visits to this website, 120 came from Australia, 114 came from India and 51 came from the United Kingdom. That means, just under 60% of our visitors are from three countries.

Which one are you?

The next few countries where I would assume the Nokia E63 is populor are New Zealand, Indonesia and the United States. Most of you wanted to find out how to unlock your E63 and wanted to know how to use Gmail with your E63. These were the most popular pages amongst the last 500 visitors
So where are you from and what were you looking for? Leave a comment and say hi :)


  1. Hi from Delta, British Columbia Canada

  2. Hi from Malaysia! Looking to unlock my E63 which is currently with 3 Australia.


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