Monday, June 15, 2009

How Long Does the Nokia E63 battery REALLY last?

Ever wonder how long the phone battery actually lasts? For the first use of my Nokia E63, I charged the phone for 24 hours after receiving it (still not sure if this is necessary), then took it off the charger Saturday afternoon. The battery low warning first sounded 54 hours later. This was after
  • Calls: Around 15 calls made and about 3 calls received, with almost 40 minutes call duration in total.
  • Data: 726kb data sent and 3.96mb downloaded
  • WIFI: About 20 minutes of WIFI use
  • Applications: Use of Skype and Gmail application as well as a bit of Nokia Maps and Google Maps

The battery eventually gave up after 2 more hourse of standby. The Nokia website says the following about the Nokia E63 battery:

  • BP-4L 1500 mAh Li-Po standard battery
  • Talk time (maximum): GSM up to 11 hours; WCDMA up to 4h 40 min
  • Standby time (maximum): GSM up to 18 days; WCDMA up to 20 days;WLAN idle up to 170 hours

If you are wanting to make comparisons with the Nokia E71 battery life, this is what the Nokia website claims for the Nokia E71. The Nokia E63 and E71 both use the same battery - BP-4L 1500 mAh Li-Po battery but E71 is slightly more demanding on the battery life.

  • Talk time:- GSM up to 10 h 30 min- WCDMA up to 4 h 30 min
  • Standby time:- GSM up to 17 days- WCDMA up to 20 days- WLAN idle up to 166 hours

If you are willing to help, maybe you can do the same experiment for your Nokia E63. Use the call logs and the data counter under "Connectivity" and measure how long your Nokia E63 battery lasts with "normal" usage. Report your findings in the comments below and someone just as curious as you googling battery life E63 will also benefit from your efforts.

Your mobile habits may not be as demanding as me but I hope this helped you in your battery life calculations for the Nokia E63.

To charge a battery from empty to full, it took 2 hours and 40 minutes.


  1. Pretty much similar time frames.
    My e63 (brand new) about 10 days old

    - 2.5 to 3 Hours of daily talk usage
    - 1 to 2 Hours of WIFI usage
    - Max 15 minutes of GRPS usage
    - No games / Music

    It lasts me about 40 hours before I get a battery low warning

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  2. Looks like Planet 3 connection(Packet Data) and WiFi takes lot of battery.
    I disabled automatic Packet Data connection to Planet 3 and it improved the battery life. I read somewhere it might delay getting MMS, but I don't use MMS.

    with talk time about 1Hr and music about 4Hrs, very little WiFi and Packet Data(maybe about 15mins together) it last about 4days. will try to keep track of counters after next charge :)

  3. @GAMMA Settings --> Connections --> Packet Data --> Packet Data Connection "when needed" rather than "when available" ?

    Its already on that but battery is still poor.

  4. My battery is also very poor. Without using GSM/3g connection, it lasts about 40 hours. If I use the packet connetion all the time, it lasts about 15 hours. :(

  5. its battery life is not as good as nokia mentioned in details....
    2 - 3 hr of talktime
    30 min of wifi

    it last about 36hrs

  6. mine lasts for 1 day olny... with everything disabled..dont know the issue. can anyone help on this.. some people say that their battery lasts for 3 days.. how come ?

  7. Finally got the resolution... disable your home screen to basic and see the battery difference. What i did is that i downloaded the nokia tool for memory profiling and then noticed that battery profiling had a big consumption after every 1 minute.. it was due to the home screen wifi scanning. It was already set to off but still the plugin search for the connection and do the scanning. Other plugins also consumes a bit of memory... so best thing is to disable everything on the home and then see the difference.
    For refrence visit this
    Check the last comment.

  8. Few other reasons for Battery Problem

    1) Loose connection of battery terminal. This is harware failure and you can fix it by visiting the customer care of nokia or any other mobile shop. Its just 2 min fixation by the techinical personal.

    2) Any virus issue in your mobile. Virus processes also consume memory. Format your memory card and phone memory to check this. Formatting memory card is easy. To refresh phone memory and settings do this
    default password. 12345

  9. my batt life is 3 days only! i dont use wifi, i dont listen to music and i only use it for text messaging! is this normal?

  10. How can I disable the wlan scanning? I disabled it on the home screen yet I can not do any thing without it popping up looking for a network. I went to settings and put never show my wlan available network but yet again it is still popping up. Can someone help me to disable this so I can use my phone without always having to cancel out the wlan findings?

    1. turn your wlan scanning off

  11. my e63's battery lasts for around 1 week with about 20 mins of talk time per day(no wifi, no games) and about 15-20 mins of radio per day.
    I've disabled the on-screen thingy which is default when you first buy the phone and the wlan scanning also, these two might kill your battery to half the time it can go or more...

  12. my battery only lasts a day.. with at least 30 sent messages and 50 received with a bit of wi fi and emai. Is this normal?? I've got active standby on but disabled the wifi plugged in

  13. Nabeel, could you please explain what you mean by saying to disable home screen to basic?

    I recently bought a micro SD card for the phone and it seems that battery time has been greatly reduced (before 4 days, now only 2 days). I will test it in the following days... but this is my first impression. It is possible that the phone does not power off the sd card during sleep.

  14. I've just made some discoveries so i'm back. After I bought the 8gb micro SD card I installed garmin xt to test it (it does not recognize the external bluetooth gps but that is another story). After installing it I noticed the battery life is greatly reduced. There is a great tool you can use to see current consumption of your phone (Energy Profiler - it's freeware). This shows current consumption (mA) or energy consumption (W). I noticed that without SD card the energy consumption is lower. I also uninstalled garmin and noticed that current consumption is now the same with or without sd card (no difference in sleep mode).

    So in short some quick steps to increase stand by time:

    1. turn off wifi in menu/tools/modes/home screen apps/enabled apps - uncheck wireless lan
    2. turn off bluetooth (default is off but check it anyway)
    3. if you don't use 3G, then switch from 3G to normal GSM in menu/tools/settings/phone/network/network mode. (it seems 3G updates more often than GSM)
    4. uninstall garmin xt (or at least unplug the garmin xt sd card from the phone) when not used.

  15. My E63 Black is an unlocked model originally from Three, now using a Vodafone sim.

    I tried to do step 3 in the last post, and the only two options I get are Dual mode and UMTS.

    I believe Three disable the ability to choose GSM, how do I get it back please?


  16. i juat got the nokia E63. and i have no idea id it's charging or not.. =/ how can i tell.. plss reply.

  17. My Nokia E63 is lasting between 2 and 3 days (no email, games, radio) Only txt and talk (30 minutes a day). I find this not impressive.

  18. hey to completely switch off the wlan i was also having dis problem dat even though the wlan was off but it kept on showing so just disable all the app that uses it i had one where it need to update everyday so it kept on popping and i had a hunch that sb app is giving me the trouble and when i set that app settings on manual the problem has stopped check all ur apps and their settings which require internet to update or transfer data. hope it helps....

  19. charged my e63 for about 3 hrs and still charging goes on....its like...if i put it to charge for 6 hrs it'll go on and on and does'nt show the battery full sign...what to do?

  20. Get a new battery i think

  21. My E63 lasts around 28 hours... I chat on nimbuzz almost 3 to 4 hours a day with constant gprs on and apporox 20 calls a day.

  22. My E63 lasts around 13 to 14 hours but it's charging time is 6-10hrs before it became full charge. Is it normal?

  23. Hey guys!

    my usage on a usual a day:
    * Push e-mail on all the time
    * ~5 mins talk
    * ~5 txt
    * ~20 mins browsing via 3G incl. Gmaps

    my battery is fully drained after like 35-40hrs.

    download energy profiler and check it for yourself, a figured out that push mail service eats my battery a lot! but it's so convenient :)))

  24. I got my e63 about 6 weeks ago. 1st charge lasted about 4 days, next about 3, now it's settled at about 35 hours. So I'm resigned to having to charge it up every night now until I can get into the Virgin store to get another model!

  25. I got my Nokia E63 4 days back. The battery only last for less then one day. I normally attend not more than 10 calls in a day. I have heard that it last for 3-4- days. can any one pls help me in this .

  26. How to stop E63 from sending/receiving data while no apps are running and phone is idle. Ive turned Wlan off but its using the phone networks internet thus costing prepaid credit.

  27. Hello,
    i'm having the same trouble as anonymous above me. the packet data connection on my e63 keeps on sending datas while i actually not using any applications online. i only use it for text messaging and phonecall.

    i've tried to check all of the network settings (that 'when needed' option), disconnect the packet data connection back and forth, but it returns to zero. i use the GSM network setting by the way.

    some times when i disconnect the packet data, it will offline. but after a few moments it comes back online again and i spotted it sending datas again.

    is there something i miss about the settings? oh, and i have this @ sign on the screen. i've checked whether it has something to do with my mail feature, but it goes nothing.

    thanks before! :)

  28. Hi Karin, I am not sure but maybe you can try a similar approach to my solution to the automatic connection to the internet posted here..

    let me know if it worked for you

  29. Hi Karin, I've worked out how to stop it sending/receiving data as posted by me anonymous. Tools > Settings > Connection > Access points > Internet - then change prompt password to yes. Hope this helps.
    Regards porkkrop

  30. wow, i was about to get one of these. I've got an e51, and a full charge lasts about 4 days. Its about 14 months old. Texts and phone calls, not much internet. Great little phone, small screen though. Do any firmware upgrades lengthen the battery life??

  31. Hi everyone, I have had my phone for 6 months now and use it mostly for texting, make a few calls a day, use the internet occassionaly and I recharge every 5 - 8 days. I dont leave my bluetooth on that drains the battery, and I dont leave the wlan search on either.

  32. "Hi everyone, I have had my phone for 6 months now and use it mostly for texting, make a few calls a day, use the internet occassionaly and I recharge every 5 - 8 days. I dont leave my bluetooth on that drains the battery, and I dont leave the wlan search on either."

    Almost exactly the same here. Heavy texting, a few calls and a bit of web browsing each day, Bluetooth/WLAN turned off unless needed and tend to have to recharge every 4-5 days, sometimes it can go for almost a week.

  33. Hi,
    A bit off topic. Does anyone know how to get the MSN to use wifi? In my E63, the MSN doesn't let me choose. It just connect via the 3G/GPRS. Thanks

  34. For charging problems, kindly get a charger with output 800mA, it will reduce the charging time, and will give you some good performance.. annd for getting excellent battery life, make a solution of Hcl(dil) with water, and put your battery in it for 3hours, after doing so, fully charge may take 4hours..but after doing so just check it,ll get 4-6days battery life with normal usage..

  35. Few other reasons for Battery Problem

    1) Loose connection of battery terminal. This is harware failure and you can fix it by visiting the customer care of nokia or any other mobile shop. Its just 2 min fixation by the techinical personal.

    2) Any virus issue in your mobile. Virus processes also consume memory. Format your memory card and phone memory to check this. Formatting memory card is easy. To refresh phone memory and settings do this
    default password. 12345

    August 30, 2009 11:32 PM

    hey my phone doesnt light up after i inputted *#7470# pls help me.

  36. can anybody tell how can i use my e63 to connect to a wifi network which asks for a password

  37. you need ato ask that network's admin the password. Otherwise you aren't wanted!

  38. My nokia E63 "Packet data connection not available" . but gprs connection is activated.
    please help me

  39. Aneesh,
    the problem is with your network.
    contact them.

    My battery lasts 1 day and 19 hours on average.
    Wifi: 8 hours a day (email, chat, surf, download)
    (if wifi is unavailable, I use data for the same duration and purposes (eats power fast, though))
    texts: 80 msgs a day
    calls: 5 mins a day
    music player: 15 mins a day.
    active standby is on all the time.
    My charger is AC-8A.
    Battery is BP-4L.
    All original.
    Beware of fake batteries and chargers.
    Phone is almost a year old now.
    I have no complaints about battery life.
    This is the perfect budget smartphone.

  40. please help , my battery is down this foke nokia e63 , two battery is down for a day

  41. The battery life is very poor on my brand new Nokia E63, I wake up at 7.30 and take my phone off charge, and around 3:30 I only have 2 bars left. I guess this could be put down to the constant 3G packet connection since I use WhatsApp Messenger (similar to BBM), and also my push e-mails. When I bought the phone I thought that concidering it was a smartphone it would have been taken into concidering it's a smartphone. After owning an N95, 5800 and N96 I would of thought that Nokia would have hit the bar with this phone, needless to say I will not be buying a Nokia phone in the future.

  42. My battery last for 54 hours.
    My usage:
    * 40 min talks
    * 35 min WLAN
    * 3.5 Hours Hours of music
    * 15 min 3G internet.

  43. my e63 is getting switched off every now and then... y is it so. and whenever i try to switch on its taking time n again switching off.

  44. my e63 low batts in only 1-1 hours and 30 min of wifi usage only... is it normal... judging by some other comments its not... is it my phone or its the battery is the problem.. help..

  45. definitely something you need to take to the Nokia Care Centre. Where are you currently in the world?

  46. I had the same problem with my Nokia having to charge it for 6-8 hours and then after 2 days I had to recharge again. I did unable all internet stuff etc but it still did not help. My service provider in South Africa told me to get a NEW SIMM card and voila problem solved!! My simm card was about 15 years old. I now charge the battery once a week.

  47. After charging whole nite to full charge my e63's charge shows low battery by the aftrnun or evn. My usages are mainly texting around 80-90, calling 10-15mins, gprs usage for around 1 or 2 hrs! have to charge the battery atlst twice daily! My friend too facing the same problem!

  48. hello, i have purcahsed e63, nd charged it frst tym for more then 7 to 8 hrs.. but still the batry doent seems to be full...
    what to do now? can any one help me?

  49. I use a standard charger connected via a meter. It shows that E63 will stop charging and either go to sleep or stays on trickle charge. Anyway, current is very low. Maybe e63 should be disconnected and connected again to get some more juice?

  50. after using E63 for a year or so the battery starts to deteoriate, like it bulges and needs to be forced into the compartment. and the lifespan shortens to only 8 hours maximum on minimal sms/call mode which is equivalent to 10 hours standby mode. Switching to youtube only enables you to watch 20 minutes of video. Sucks to the max

  51. Hi,
    I am using E63 for more than a year and have noticed a peculiar problem. I a single call duration reached 2 hrs, the call gets disconnected of its own. And this problem is very consistent since beginning. Initially I thought that it could be one of case but lately my conference call durations have increased beyond 2 hrs, and every time I have re-connect to my call.
    In case someone else have faced similar issue and could able to get it resolved, pls provide your inputs.

  52. Hey all. I've owned my Nokia E63 for nearly 3 years now. Only problem I've had is that the phone froze one time and wiped all my contacts, along with all of my data. Apart from that, it seems to be doing pretty decent. I don't know if I'm just ignorant, but this phone seems to have perfect battery life. I laugh at my friends who own iPhones nearly A$1000 and have to live with their charger, whilst I've gone on week-long camps without having to charge my phone. Lol.

  53. anybody ever had the issue of the phone screen not turning on even though it appears to be charging ( background light) and vibrates when you press the power button?

  54. Please remove the access point which is being used for sending data automatically.
    follow this.
    settings > connection > access points > remove access point (which is used for sending)

  55. hello sir, i am angela from philippines, i bought a secondhand nokia e63 from pawnshop, i bought a new battery worth P1200.00 at the mall, and my batter last upto more or less, 2 days, not used frequently....
    is using the music player fasten the low battery warning ?

  56. have been using E63 for last 3 years, the original battery which came with the handset exhausted. I purchase a new battery online, but its giving a backup of about 10 hours only (usuage - 40-50 calls, 5 sms, internet data online)...
    is it ok

  57. i have my nokia e63, it has a low usage of time that when i'm charging it took me less than a hour but when i use it it takes only 1- 1 and 30 mins even though i buy a new battery,, what is the problem?? Please reply back.. :(

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