Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Keep an SMS Diary of your Inbox and Sent Items

Have you ever thought how convenient it would be to be able to see your received and sent messages in one go? You can immediately see which sms you have replied and how the conversation went. There's a program that I started using on my Nokia E65 which I had to get for my new Nokia E63 as well. It's called SMSDiary and initially, I loved it because it made reading SMS faster on the Nokia E65 which was notoriously slow. Unlike the Nokia Conversations program, SMSDiary is easier to differentiate between sent and received messages with received messages aligned to the left and messages sent aligned to the right. It is this in-and-out box feature that has made it a must-have application on the Nokia E63. You can also shortcut to create a message and select fromy your top 10 most contacted contacts. It pretty much replaces the use of the inbox. One issue is that maybe the E63 is too fast but the scrolling is not as smooth as it was in the Nokia E65?

SMSDiary: SMS and MMS appear together in one seamless display

You'll notice that this program's main "selling" point actually isn't what we have just talked about. The program is named SMSDiary because it can turn your SMS messages into a diary. You can export your SMS and MMS conversations into HTML and even categorised by contact. The program will even give you statistics about your SMS habits. You can fnd out
  • What is the average length of your SMS sent / received?
  • How many SMS /MMS sent and received in each month?
  • How mant SMS / MMS sent and received from each contact?
  • Who are the people that you message most?
  • Do you send more messages or does your friend?
With these features, it also helps you to control your expenditures on SMS if you're on a more thrifty phone plan. To get this program, it will only cost US$9 via Paypal by clicking here.

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