Sunday, June 21, 2009

Amaze GPS - where did the sound go?

Based on a recommendation over twitter, I added Amaze to my Nokia E63 the other day. Amaze is a GPS navigation software which gives you free turn-by-turn voice navigation to your destination. Since the program downloads the maps "on the fly", it does not take much disk space on your mobile phone.

There are a few different ways of viewing maps, 3D, heads-up or north-up. When you are guided to a destination, you can just view the "arrows only" view which only tells you how far it is to the next turn and the arrow shows you which direction to turn. This is very useful if maps confuse you more than they guide you.

Then I ran into a problem. Yesterday, for some reason, Amaze stopped talking to me. The directions still showed up as I drove along, but the "Female UK" voice was no longer audible. I went to google, amaze GPS website, forums and to the program's help file and found nothing. I tried reinstalling the program and still there was no success. Here is when you come in. If you know what caused the sound to disappear, please let me know. I'm starting to think that voice navigation on Amaze is only for a limited time.

Edit: Found the solution... yeah.. it was on the Amaze website under their FAQ hehe
What can I do if I don`t hear the voice guidance sound on my Nokia handset?

First of all make sure that you choose your preferred language for the voice guidance under Tools -> Regional settings, and that your phone is not in the `silent` or `meeting` modes. Then you should make sure that the "Warning tones" are turned on in your phone`s settings.

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