Friday, June 12, 2009

New Black Nokia E63 has arrived - what next?

MyE65 nervously captures the arrival of its new younger brother MyE63

After two weeks and numerous calls to Three, the Nokia E63 finally arrived today at work.

Many people wonder, what do you do next?

Plug the phone into the charger and leave it connected as long as you can. Ignore the user guide (not advisable but it happens). Insert sim card and battery. Try calling and SMS another phone. It worked. Turn off the key tones (don't know why people have them on). Try out the internet connection, worked well. Register for My3 website. Didn't work and spent 1 hour with 3 customer care whilst:

  • Transfer Contacts and calendar from the old Nokia E65 via Tools -> Transfer -> Bluetooth.

  • Connect the phone via bluetooth to Nokia PC suite

  • Install Google Maps. Change internet connection to WIFI. Test GPS dongle. Works well.

  • Install GMail application. Login and check mail.

  • Install Australia Maps via PC suite to Nokia Maps (now called Ovi Maps?)

  • Check phone firmware is up to date. The latest firmware for the Nokia E63 is up to date
    E63 RM-450
    Firmware date 14/11/08
    Firmware version 100.21.110
    To check firmware version, enter *#0000#

  • Test Skype, worked very well.

I've also emailled the IMEI number to myself as well as the documentation for the phone and contract. This way, I can have it electronically available.

Call settings -> Show Call duration on, Summary after call on, Call Waiting on, Caller ID yes.

What were your first steps?


  1. Hi, thank you for this blog! I learned quite a lot. I recently bought a black E63. When I look at the phone firmware info, it says:
    Firmware date 14/11/08
    Firmware version 100.21.110
    But at the bottom part, it says E63 RM-437 instead of 450. Is this the latest firmware? Should I install another firmware? If so, where can I get it? I would very much appreciate it if you can provide a link. Thanks! :-)

  2. Go to and click on the Nokia E63. if you are able to upgrade your firmware, you will know through this application. Hope this helps. Let others know about this blog :)

  3. Hey there. It's me again. I just finished checking for software updates and the PC suite says I have the latest version. But how come it still says RM-437 and not 450? I bought this phone from a Nokia Store so I don't think it is counterfeit. Is there something wrong with my black E63?

  4. Perhaps the 437 is a regional specification (ie 450 may be Australia or Asia Pacific)

  5. But I am in the Asia Pacific region. The box says the phone was made in Korea. I guess there might be something to it. Does it really matter if it's 450 or 437? What does it stand for anyway?

  6. What kind of GPS dongle do you use? Do you plug it directly to the phone?

  7. You don't plug the GPS Dongle into the phone, it connects wirelessly via Bluetooth :)

    450 v 437 are the various different model versions. No major differences.

    1. cool stuuf u told aout e 63 .tell me how can i check latest version of e 63 for symbian,ovi store and how can i update it and how i know when to update .Also that how i check which version i hv installed.How can i install software from pc .
      my mobile is e 63

  8. hi... im from the philippines and my dad sent me a black e63 from australia. it was made in korea it also has RM-437. maybe all black e63 made from korea has RM-437?

  9. hey can we turn on call duration in E63. if yes plz tell me hw to turn on it? & how to change acess point from gprs to wlan for apps like ovistore etc.

  10. i can tell you the way to put on call duration just go to: settings; call settings; scroll down just over half way down and there it is
    hope that helps

  11. hey nokia e 63 is nt performing well.. only the jar files can be downloaded..n other sis files are nt download even if i download them it just says corrupted file..pls help... i cant even check the firmware version... when i type *#0000# it just shows nothing... anybody can u help pls..??


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