Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Blogs have the final say in purchasing decisions

With the interconnectivity of the world in the last 10 years, people no longer call up a friend just to ask about their recommendation on car insurance or something. Most google their questions and inevitably trust blogs and other "third party" opinions like CNET to decide on what they will buy.

When I bought my E63, it was mainly the result of online research and reading up blogs and reviews on the Nokia E63, looking at what people say is bad about the phone and seeing if those criticisms concern me. The more familiar a person seemed with a product, the more I trusted their advice.

As many people do come for such information, this blog becomes more valuable if you leave your thoughts and comments as well. If you have found this blog to be particularly helpful in your decision about whether to buy the Nokia E63, please share and tell us what finally made you decide. This blog is not run by Nokia, and is only supported by online advertising from Google. My main goal is to share the little tips and tricks I discover as I use my E63.

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