Thursday, November 18, 2010

Ollie's Battery Life and App Review

One of our readers posted a comment which I thought would be worth highlighting here. He gives a good review of the battery life for the E63 even to the number of calls he makes. So how long does the E63 battery last? Ollie says..

My battery lasts 1 day and 19 hours on average.
Wifi: 8 hours a day (email, chat, surf, download). If wifi is unavailable, I use data for the same duration and purposes (eats power fast, though).
Texts: 80 msgs a day
Calls: 5 mins a day
Music player: 15 mins a day.
active standby is on all the time.
My charger is AC-8A. Battery is BP-4L. All original.
Beware of fake batteries and chargers. Phone is almost a year old now. I have no complaints about battery life. This is the perfect budget smartphone. Period. 

As for Ollie's favourite apps, they are: 
  • Kaspersky Mobile Security
  • SMS Preview
  • Opera Mobile
  • eBuddy
  • Remind Me
  • Cuckoo
  • Nokia Chat
  • Nokia eMail
I personally have not used SMS preview or Remind Me or Cuckoo but I'll probably check these out after this.

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