Friday, November 20, 2009

Nokia OVI Suite sending two messages instead of one?

Having installed OVI on my computer, now I have both PC Suite and OVI running at the same time to see where each of the two programs are stronger in different respects. I have encountered a problem which I was hoping my loyal readers who have benefitted much from this blog, may be able to shed some light on. When I send an SMS through Ovi Messaging, I end up with two messages being sent rather than one. Does anyone have any idea why or how to fix it? 

What else have you found with running Nokia's new "replacement" for PC Suite? Does Ovi have you sold? 


  1. Installed OVI last week. Laptop is considerably slower now :(

    Anyway, downloading and installing the latest firmware update now (400.21.013). Fingers crossed!

  2. I'm pretty happy with the Nokia PC Suite at the moment, haven't decided to switch to the OVI version just yet, waiting for more feedback from users first.

  3. I was just about to send a message here saying i'm having problems with 2 x sms's sent as well. I dont have Ovi installed on my E63 though. It usually happens when i type my message and i dont have any range (which happens all the time in my lounge room), so then it sits in the outbox and sends it later when I do have range bars. But when it doesnt look like it has any range, it send it then and then again later. If that makes sense. Its a bit annoying... Sometimes I'll get replies to my sms's before the phone says the message has been sent.
    Any ideas?


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