Thursday, April 15, 2010

Guest post - E72 review part 1

As you may know, recently we gave away free trials of the Nokia E72 and today we have KJ from Singapore giving his thoughts on the Nokia E72.

I have finally got my hand on the Nokia latest e-series flagship business phone – e72.   This is the first time i have tried a qwerty phone, thanks to MyE63 and There are already many really good and professional reviews on E72 so I will give my personal impressions and user experiences using the phone.
There are two aspects that I thought I'll touch on. Firstly my overall experience here and there of using phone and secondly also the primary objective of this trial, using the OVI map navigation.
The physical outlook has no surprise to me as I have seen many qwerty phone and friends E71.  However, once I used it. I just thought one really need to have a full keyboard phone if you like to have sense of doing serious typing! (By now...we all know Nokia is coming out with more qwerty keyboard 8-) )
In general, as a business phone, it is well qualified to be one and it has everything a business phones supposed to have. However, from the form factor of the phone has given people to have much higher expectation to what it can deliver.
What I am really looking into is the navi pad, one of the major improvement. Yes, it has done what it says. but I just thought it needs more to make it actually usefuI in particular during browsing.   I find it is duplicate of what the for direction stepping key is doing surrounding the pad.  If the resolution can be larger like what opera mini's fast scroll key is doing to complement the navi key will make the navi pad much better experience to use.
As for the PIM integration, I think it is pretty much well done and integrated between calendar, messaging, contact, multiscanner, etc. Except two of the functions and I always seek for is still missing,  one is that to create a calendar entry from messaging, also the other to create a calendar entry fast right from the homescreen.
Next post, KJ will look at the OVI Maps Navigation on E72 as well as upload a video of the navigation in action. 


  1. " Except two of the functions and I always seek for is still missing: (...) calendar entry fast right from the homescreen"

    The function exist: do a long press on the calendar touch.

  2. Oh thank you very much. I think that is very helpful.



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