Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Nokia Everyone Connect with Nokia E5

Nokia has just announced a new product under the theme "Everyone Connect". The website http://events.nokia.com/everyoneconnect/ came alive just under an hour ago showcasing the new social media enhanced Nokia handsets: Nokia C3, E5 and C6. Since we mainly look at the Nokia E series, let's have a quick look at the Nokia E5.

In what looks like the Nokia E72 rebadged, the E5 makes social media easier to access on your mobile phone with one touch access  to facebook, twitter, ovi etc. Bringing in a 5MP camera and free voice navigation access, Nokia hopes to introduce what is effectively the Nokia E72 to a younger audience that breathes through social media. It's hard to say much more about it as we have not seen the real thing so until then, you can see the data sheet for the Nokia E5 here

The main details are:

–Messaging made easy and enjoyable –
• Easy email and Instant Messaging set-up
• 1 click access to SMS, MMS, email, IM
• Full QWERTY keyboard for easy typing
• Support for multiple popular email accounts like Yahoo!® Mail, Gmail™, Windows Live™ Hotmail, Ovi Mail, and Microsoft Exchange and IBM Lotus NotesTraveler business emails

–Stay always connected in your preferred way –
• Free global drive and walk navigation with Ovi Maps
• Most important contacts with images on theHome Screen
• Facebook updates directly on Phonebook
• Support for popular Instant Messaging services like Yahoo!® Messenger, Google Talk™, Windows Live™ Messenger, Ovi Chat

–Explore and Share via fast internet connection–
• Fast Internet access (HSDPA/HSUPA and WLAN) to access your favorite websites
• 5 mp full focus camera with LED flash
• Share pictures in Ovi Share and Flickr
• Ovi store to find new content

–Business grade security and device management–
• Device lock
• Remote locking with SMS
• Device and Memory card encryption
• Mobile VPN client
• OMA DM client for lock & wipe, password enforcement


  1. It's a good phone to replace the ... E63 :-) (but not the E72)

  2. I keep seeing
    "–Business grade security and device management–
    • Remote locking with SMS"
    posted everywhere from Nokia press releases, but, from my research, I cannot find anywhere any instructions on how to actually use or activate this function. I have searched in many places- the E63 manual, Nokia support forums, everywhere.
    May I respectfully suggest that you either post some instructions on how we can actually use this supposed function, or that you don't repeat it off the Nokia press releases when it cannot actually be used by handset owners ?
    Thank you

  3. Fair comment, Anonymous. Remote locking is the most under-rated features that Nokia phones from the Nokia E65 onwards have embedded in their menus.

    Have a read of this post http://mye63.blogspot.com/2010/04/how-to-remotely-lock-your-mobile-phone.html for details about how to remotely lock your nokia via SMS. It is possible.

  4. I have E5 and i need to restore my data files from E65 model. My old files were located in my laptop with a directory file end with *.nbu????

    I can Not restore my old file from backup created earlier E65 to E5

  5. is there a way to lock sms'es on e5?

  6. yes you can lock your sms's by installing a third party software, like application lock, sms lock, etc. You can get these softwares from nokia store.


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