Monday, October 3, 2011

Why people keep stopping by

We've had this blog up for over two years and have received hundreds of thousands of hits because this is one of the best places you will find Nokia E63 tips on the internet. It is not the most glamorous phone Nokia has created but people all fall in love with the simplicity and reliability of the phone. We dared to compare the Nokia E63 with its older brother the Nokia E71 here, checked out its battery life and examined how to use predictive text to speed up sms and email messaging. We played with a GPS bluetooth receiver with the E63 to make it GPS compatible and got to know some of our blog visitors here.

We watched the price of the E63 drop and cracked the E63 screen only months after getting the phone. All this happened in 2009 and by December that year, there was talk of the next big thing, the Nokia E72. We'll talk about our 2010 posts later and whilst they may be old, many of the posts are still very much useful for those still hanging on to their E63. Hey in some countries, you may have only JUST purchased a brand new E63 and wanted to find out how to unlock it from your provider!

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