Tuesday, August 4, 2009

SMSDiary Winners

Congratulations to some of MyE63 users such as Luau, Rommel, Pitz, Matthew and Yancey who have won themselves a LEGAL license for SMS Diary! Hope you guys have fun with it and let us know how you found it. If you have a program that would benefit MyE63 readers, let us know as well. We're here to make the most of our E63.

TO read more about SMSDiary go to www.smsdiary.eu


  1. Thanks mye63.blogspot.com and SMS Diary. I look forward to using this great application and appreciate being involved in a community happy to help others get the most from our great little device.

  2. It's a fairly handly little app. It's quite good to see your SMS history, especially when some people reply hours later and you can't remember the context.

    Suggestion: set the quick-press of your message button to "create new SMS" and set the long press to "SMSDiary". It's a better view than your SMS inbox.

    Note: This sounds really obvious but if you want to use it to the best of it's capability you'll have to remember to not delete messages after you're done with them. I used to always delete message I didn't need so my SMS history in SMSdiary was pretty short to start with.

  3. Thanks for this nifty app. I receive a lot of alert SMS from my work - it is so cool that I could filter by sender and keep track of conversations.

  4. Thanks from me too, to mye63.blogspot.com and SMS Diary, the app is useful for keeping track of my SMSes, everyone who contributed to this site has helped me in getting more out of my E63!


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