Monday, August 24, 2009

Nokia - Why didn't you add this in the E63?

We've been talking recently here about the program Best Profiles so Matthew brought up a good point last week regarding missing features in the Nokia E63. It would be good to hear from a Nokia person as to why some features were not included but are in superceded models like the 6300.

- Countdown timer: It you have a stop watch, why not have a countdown? or a few countdowns? It doesn't seem to be a very complex feature to include in a phone right?

- Snooze options: Yeah, I definitely agree with our reader Matthew on this one. What can you really do in six minutes snooze? 15 minutes would be a great option to have. Does anyone know if later models of Nokia phones have this? I know that the Nokia E75 does not have customisable snooze options.

What other options do you wish Nokia included in the E63? Obviously we would love a GPS but that's what the E71 and GPS dongles are here for.


  1. I just discovered a really obvious flaw yesterday. There doesn't appear to be a camera on the same side of the phone as the screen! So if you make a video call, you can see the other person, but all they can see is the ground in front of you. Or you can turn the phone around so that they can see you but then you can't see them!

    I thought the little square on the front was a camera but it turns out this is the light sensor. Thankfully I didn't plan to make video calls very often. But bad luck if you did! :)

  2. I haven't come across too many people who actually use the video calling. That's partly why I didn't mind getting the E63. It doesn't have a feature that I don't use. ;)

  3. I can see how it would be good for calling kids - you get to see each other. But then, Skype and a webcam are probably easier to use anyway.

  4. Hope it ain't too late to reply here
    - I tried to Search a contact by mobile number and the search option does not work. It can find contacts by name (no fun) but cannot lookup by number. I have a contact with 4-5 numbers / single number the lookup by number works randomly.

    For e.g., I'm looking for all numbers that begin with "90091" or have "90091" in them. Can't search. This works on my N73m, sounds crazy by the search feature seems to be downgraded in the new "E" series phones.

    Any 3PP that I can install / plugin that can be installed to solve this. Any help on the same would be useful.

  5. When you search for a contact, say if you typed "S", it would search for all contact names that has a "S" character in it, instead of bringing you to all the names that starts with "S". There's pros and cons on this one though, I admit.


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