Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Note: There is no Undo

One interesting thing I found out today is that the Notes on Nokia phones don't have an Undo button. Today, I accidentally pasted something over some text in a Note that I was intending to copy. I realised that there was nothing I could do to undo that mistake. I had lost all the information I had overwritten with one careless copy/paste action.

So just a quick note to let you all know - there is no Undo in Nokia Notes. Perhaps this is why we should be utilising our free QuickOffice licenses rather than using Notes...


  1. The universal undo shortcut is Ctrl+Z, and I've used it on the E63 a fair amount... but then I use quickoffice a lot, so maybe it was something they do themselves. I can't recall specifically which programs support it and which don't.

  2. Cntrl + Z doesn't work in Nokia Notes.

  3. And there isn't any shortcut for pasting in time-stamp string in Nokia Notes as is in Series S40 (e.g. 6230i). It is useful when you use Notes as a timed log.

  4. If i remove the battery at once, will that "undo" what's written?


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