Monday, August 31, 2009

Introducing the Phone Sock

Obviously if you visit this blog frequently you are interested in getting the most out of your phone. It would follow that you then want your phone to last a while. So what do you use to keep your E63 undamaged and looking great?

I am a fan of the "phone sock". Basically it's like a thick woollen/cotton sock made to size for your phone. You slip the phone into it and because it stretches a bit as the phone goes it in stays in all by itself.

- they are really cheap - I got mine on ebay for a few dollars
- they provide good scuff protection if you drop the phone
- they provide good scratch protection against other things in your pocket (e.g. keys)
- they provide some impact protection if you drop your phone
- you can still put the phone in your pocket or bag unlike with belt mounted ones.
- interestly, as you push the phone into them, the material slides over the screen and cleans it for you! And if your screen gets prints/marks on it, you've always got a nice soft bit of material handy

- it makes the vibrating alert less noticable, so you may miss the occasional call while outside walking in noisy traffic.
- the in-and out motion has caused the corners of my screen protector to lift up.

It would also be good to get people's comments on the supplied screen protector. Did people leave it on? Have the corners lifted up on their own? Have people taken it off? Where can you get replacement ones?
I took my screen protector off due to having a phone sock. That is, sliding it into the phone sock was causing the corners to lift up. But on the other hand I figure that the sock will be protecting the screen when I'm not using it, and when I am using it I probably don't need screen protection.
Without the screen protector I've noticed that the screen looks more shiny and reflective. This may make it harder to read in sunlight but I haven't tested that yet.


  1. Been using baby socks from Coles for years for this.

    Does the job, fraction of the cost.

  2. The screen protector that was on the camera lens started to get dust under it, so I had to take that off. The one on the actual screen is still on so yea. Theres a few scratches/smudges but they're nothing big. Iw ould also like ot know where to get a good/cheap replacement when that one starts to peel off though.


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